I have witnessed the anguish that people go through while separating, divorcing and going through life transitions. The law is only one of many interventions to help people. People need a patient listener, a creative problem solver, and a coach while navigating the law.  I guide clients through the legal process and encourage them to examine their needs, hopes, fears, concerns and goals. There are simpler solutions that can be achieved by exploring what matters most in a conscious and intentional way.

I work with entrepreneurs, business owners, politicians, financial professionals, psychologists, professors, other lawyers and their partners who value a proactive, solution-oriented approach to minimize the impact of conflict.  I am a skilled negotiator. I help my clients look to the future, not the past, to move forward with confidence. I put mental health at the forefront of every legal issue. 


We are in a paradigm shift of how families deal with conflict. This is a radical and fundamental change in thinking.

"The first step is ensuring that people have alternatives to the current broken system. There are real choices available.

  • Higher compliance for negotiated agreements than court orders
  • Effective communication helps to improve positive solutions
  • Better parent relationships lead to healthier environments for children
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I am paving a path for better processes to assist families going through separation and divorce. Using dispute resolution process options such as collaborative law and mediation, puts control back in people.

My clients are encouraged to explore their options and generate collaborative and creative solutions - family-first solutions – during times of transition and change.

Kayla C. DeMars-Krentz is a practicing lawyer and mediator with a background in counselling and psychology, She is dedicated to providing dispute resolution services for her clients, specializing in the areas of collaborative law, mediation, parent coordination, and online conflict resolution. 

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