Kari-Lyn Owen | Co-Founder and Owner of 2elev8 Leadership Inc., Networker, Global Entrepreneur

Kari-Lyn Owen

To transform a generation by nourishing the hearts, minds and bodies of women and their families. 


“As we each express our natural genius, we all elevate our world.”
~ Robin Sharma

Kari-Lyn is a conscious entrepreneur who is creating and elevating health, wealth and wellbeing with women and their families, as the foundation for transforming the communities we live in.

Kari-Lyn's unique differentiators are:

  • Movement and perspiration are Kari-Lyn's inspiration and motivation.
  • She is a creative and visual thinker, storyteller and problem-solver.
  • Kari-Lyn connects people deeply with their desire to transform their lives – when that happens, the world starts to change.


My Vision.  My ASK.
As the 2017 year draws to a close, we are outrageously grateful that we fulfilled our vision for clean drinking water in Jiquilillo, Nicaragua.  I see the contributors flying in, the ribbon ceremony in play, and the happiness on the faces of local female farmers.  This dream is now a reality because I created a 20-strong bridge with 10 communities to give hundreds of families clean drinking water.  This is what collective action does.  This is how collective action elevates. Collaboration. Courage. Compelled.  
I am looking forward to journeying with women, families and communities to build their health, wealth and wellbeing, wherever that takes me, whoever comes with me.
I invite you to join me in joining women 2elev8 the health, wealth and well-being of their families and communities.


"Kari-Lyn is a full-hearted, full-throttle example of a woman creating change.

From modest beginnings, she led her family into a scalable business that is doing good for so many families, along with her own.  From this foundation, Kari-Lyn is designing the next phase 2elev8 the health, wealth and wellbeing journeys of women and families, worldwide."

~ Megan Gilmour


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