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Julia paddleboardingWorking out is something that I need for myself every day even if it’s just a half hour jog.

My workouts get my endorphins pumping, blood flowing, metabolism burning and brain working.

Overall, after a sweat, I feel exponentially more inspired, motivated about life, and powHERful.  I chose to move outside to get the full fresh-air benefits of nature’s stress-relieving elements.


Julia pushupSince retiring from Ski Cross, I have had to find my adrenaline rush in other ways.  My favourite workouts are mountain biking, skiing touring, and stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) down rivers.

But there are many days that I don’t have time for one of those activities, so I slip on my running shoes and head out.

I’m sharing a great work out routine that you can do outside.  It’s like improv – never boring, always different.

Your body thrives on HIIT (high-intensity interval training).  Even at medium-intensity (ie. listen to your body), this type of workout will help you to PowHER-Up while burning fat and strengthening your sexy muscles.  Plus, it gets you outside.

Improv Bench or Log Run:

How to:
* Run or jog 10-15 minutes before you start looking for a bench (or log).
* Every 5-10 minutes (or when you find a bench to work with), do 1 set of 20 reps of 3 different exercises (get creative).
Examples of exercises: tricep dips, push ups, horizontal core leg raises, step ups, sit ups, squat jumps).
* Jog again until you find your next bench (at least 5-10 minutes).
* Repeat group-of-3 cycle of exercises.
* Do 3-4 bench sets during your run (depending on your level), and you’ll feel awesome!
Aerobic + Anaerobic = magic


Julia bikingOne other tip I have during your runs (especially if you have knee issues at all) is to try running or sprinting on the uphills, and take your time on the downhills.

Getting your sweat on eliminates toxins and revs up your body to perform at it’s best, bringing you best game to all areas of your life!

This type of work out is something that you may have to work up to.

To do this, simply go outside and play.

The more often you do this, the easier it will become, and you will actually begin to crave movement.

Jules Fuel Pops – a great post-workout snack

1 cup Jules Fuel (pre-cooked from the beginning of your week)
1/4 cup tahini
1-2 tbsp honey

Mix ingredients in bowl.
Form into balls and put into ice cube trays with tooth picks.

Julia’s CTV appearance.

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Jules Fuel reviews.

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