JULIA MCELGUNN | Optimize Your Fullest Potential with the Power of Leverage

Julia McElgunn of Vermilion Energy will facilitate an intimate breakout discussion on the Power of Leverage.

Are you spinning your wheels or consistently gaining progressive traction?   As women, we tend to lose ourselves in the minutiae of details and small tasks only to forget our focus on the very things that will ensure we soar!  We are so afraid to own what we know.  We can get caught-up in starting projects and initiatives from scratch rather than plugging into what already exists to support us.  Why do many women feel the need to do most things on their own in order to feel that success truly belongs to them? Is this behavior holding us back?  Julia will lead a conversation about efficiency, effectiveness and EPIC results with EASE by acting strategically, collaboratively and proficiently to gain momentum and maximize resources.  Success forms when you make consistent deliberate decisions.

Join Julia and and a small group of local #YYC PowHERhouses for a PowHERPOD session on Thursday, April 12 from noon-1:30 pm at the Vermilion Energy office, 3500-520 3 Ave SW, Calgary.  A light lunch will be supplied.  This mini-mastermind provides the opportunity for our WOMEN BUILT2SCALE Accelerator participants to deep-dive into a particular topic with a focused conversation to deliver not only tangible and implementable outcomes but also budding new relationships with like-minded women on the same scaling-track you are on!


Three excuses that Julia often hears from entrepreneurs and female leaders are:

1. I just don’t have enough time or money to do _____.
2. How can I trust someone else to know exactly what I want and/or do it better than me (and not steal my idea)?
3. I’m just going to wait until _____ happens, and then I’ll try something different.

About Julia:

Julia is a professional geologist and an entrepreneur who is passionate about science and human behavior.

A personal journey of failures resulted in her understanding that it’s when we let go of control and perfection, we open up to the opportunity to create a life of beauty, joy and amazement.  Julia’s first true passion is education and knowledge which has shaped the critical thinker within her to question both sides of every story and seek to understand before providing a creative win-win solution.  Read Julia’s full profile here.

About PowHERhouse and WOMEN BUILT2SCALE:

PowHERhouse is a national women’s media organization with a strong focus on social impact, providing a supportive ecosystem that creates positive systemic change in the lives of girls and women while acting as an educational and economic driver.  As a catalyst, conduit, curator and convener, PowHERhouse utilizes publications, partnerships, well-curated online content and strategic live events to mobilize more women forward – faster.  Behind everything we do is a solid women’s advocacy message and clear communication of our mission to rocket more women into influential, senior leadership roles – in organizations, on boards, in politics, and leading in global business headquartered in Canada.  Our Spring 2018 WOMEN BUILT2SCALE Calgary Accelerator Series is our current demonstration of our work in the world April 11-15.

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