Jake Hassel-Gren | PowHERhouse Chief Learning Officer

We are pleased to announce that Jake Hassel-Gren has been named Chief Learning Officer of the PowHERhouse Media Group.

Jake is the Founder of LEAP Learning Lab which is now the exclusive Learning Partner of PowHERhouse Media Group.

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About Jake:

Jake Hassel-Gren has been designing, delivering and developing transformational learning and performance programs for more than 20 years.

For the past decade, she worked in the financial sector, where she most recently held the position of Vice-President Commercial Banking. During her time in banking, one of Jake’s primary responsibilities was designing and delivering customized learning to both large corporate groups and smaller, more intimate audiences on a wide range of topics including; business management excellence, leadership, customer experience, multi-generational team dynamics, sales and business development.

This work ultimately proved to be her true passion and in 2016, Jake left banking to launch LEAP Learning Lab, which is built to deliver specialized live-learning programs and customized on-line learning to accelerate the success of female entrepreneurs, innovators, leaders and millennials.

The Yin + Yang of PowHERhouse

“Jake’s corporate background and strong brand recognition in the professional learning community sets her apart in the noisy market of online course development, coaching and facilitation. Her experience in banking, leadership and learning development is rare in the entrepreneurial world and I jumped at the chance to partner with her to market, design, develop and deliver our fast-track learning programs.

Jake is an achiever who is always the first to put up her hand to help solve a problem, connect people or engage relevant leaders to accomplish a goal.  Always first on her mind is the greater good of the community she is a part of, and she uses her gifts wisely to contribute where she is needed most.” – Charlene SanJenko, PowHERhouse Founder & CEO

The PowHER of Partnerships to GROW

“I love learning!  I always have.  I’m insatiably curious about the world.  I love to connect.  I love to watch people grow and change. I love to enable the success of others. These characteristics drive my love for building and delivering learning that is specifically designed to accelerate women in the world!  I love to partner with them and help them create transformational success.”

“Women connect on a different level, and we learn differently.  Every learning experience we create in the Learning Lab has a special bent toward how women learn, and each creates an experience to help women to succeed at a HighHER level.”

“Being the exclusive Learning Partner for the PowHERhouse Media Group is a dream come true!  Being able to help women across Canada have a bigger impact in the world brings huge meaning to my work.  The partnership creates a space for me to give back in a way that makes me a better person.”

In 2017 this PowHERful partnership will launch our premier series of fast-track learning programs designed for women who:

  • Want to Find the Power of their leadership brand and LEAD both personally and professionally.  You will galvanize your brand through our customized personal branding process
  • Want to ACCELERATE their performance.  You achieve this by working through our unique formula: CLARITY + FOCUS + ACUMEN + CONVERSION = CONFIDENCE
  • Want to SPEAK on stage.  We will take you from page to stage, clarify your message and build you media profile
  • Want to PUBLISH a book.  We know you have a story to tell, we know you need to tell it and you know you can’t do it alone
  • Want to GROW their business online.  We will help you transition your flagship face-to-face programs and services online through our Learning Lab infrastructure
  • Want to SPARK their fire as a millennial front-runner.  We will put you alongside other millennials looking to make a difference and support you with our networks and community

Because 2017 is our launch year; the spots in our Programs will be reserved for top-notch go-getter women.  Get your application in early because spaces will be limited, don’t miss out! 

Please click HERE to get on the VIP List for the Learning Lab which will put you 1st on the list when we open the Programs application processes!