Linda Allen-Hardisty | Interim CEO, Horizon West

Leadership Appointment for Linda Allen-Hardisty

As interim CEO Horizon West Infrastructure Fund, Linda set the tone, vision and culture of the company.

She focused on building the leadership team, being the main point of communication between the Board of Directors and corporate operations, and was the public face of the company during this exciting start-up phase to launch the company.

With her unique experiences working both in municipal government and in the private sector, Linda was well positioned to launch a start-up company that connects private investment with municipal infrastructure development.

Horizon West Infrastructure Fund focuses on financing sustainable infrastructure for future generations.

The company assists local governments in solving their legacy infrastructure problems.  Stronger viable communities benefit by having good roads and bridges along with access to clean, safe drinking water

Meet the Horizon West team.



Linda Allen-Hardisty is an optimistic senior leader who integrates people and perspectives to create progressive relationships that responsibly provide regrowth and optimism for future generations.

Learn more about Linda here.

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