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INNOVATION Ingredients = The Marriage of Creativity and Thoughtfulness

Are you primarily left-brain or right-brain?  Do you know the difference between the two?

Left-brain users are primarily analytical, strategists, logical, scientific.

Right-brain users are primarily creative, out-of-the-box thinkers, idea-generators, imaginative, intuitive.

Solutions to 21st century challenges will arise from innovation.  I don’t believe these solutions can be learned… if they could be, wouldn’t they be in place already?  So where does this innovation come from?  Is it produced or are we born with it?  Generated or discovered?

I believe innovation results in the presence of three things:

  • a condusive environment;
  • willingness of talented participants; and,
  • readiness or positive anticipation to accept change.

A conducive environment for innovation to occur is created in the presence of creativity and thoughtfulness (right-brain and left-brain).  Right-brainers are the idea generators – creative types with wacky, out-of-the-box ideas.  They are passionate, and at times, borderline flighty!  Left-brainers are also key ingredients – the calm, grounded ‘engine’ surrounding and supporting the creators.  They are analytical, systematic, and action-oriented.

The marriage of these two yields innovation… on your organizational boards, executive teams, community committees, etc.  My recommendation is to ensure that you have a strong, diversified mix of the two, that members understand which role they play and how the combination of their roles leads to ultimate success… and… solutions!

Finally, innovation on a personal level works the same way.  If you find you are ‘in your head’ the majority of the time, find activities which pull you into your body or to a more creative space.  Likewise, if creativity comes easily to you and ideas are constantly flowing, ensure you surround yourself with practices and people to help you to ground, balance and refine ideas into action.

No matter what the situation ~ in your personal life, in your community, province or nation ~ it is the marriage of creativity and thoughtfulness with coordinated action that will produce INNOVATION and lead us to the solutions needed to successfully meet the challenges we currently face.

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