Indigenous Innovation Initiative and PowHERhouse Impact Media Group partner for impact.

Indigenous Innovation Initiative ("I3") and PowHERhouse join forces in support of Indigenous Innovators across Canada in a brand-new impact media production campaign.

This national collaboration will focus on building an empowering amplification ecosystem of purpose-driven awareness-building, bridging to aligned connections and opportunities, and digital story-telling to proactively shift the narrative to all that is possible with hope, attention, and intention.

Supporting Indigenous innovation development is about more than just increasing access to capital – it is about wrapping knowledge, networks, and support systems around innovators and entrepreneurs so they have the best chance possible to reach their full potential.

Solutions that result from our commitment to Indigenous innovation not only benefit families and communities across our country but also act as an integral economic and social engine for our society as we learn together from practical and tangible applied learnings to shift the worldview to one committed to the health and wellbeing of all people, to planetary recovery, and the restoration of balance with the land and all things on it.

Learn more about I3 here.

I3 launched the inaugural Indigenous innovation seed funding program in Spring 2020 and unearthed a treasure trove of potential.

Indigenous innovators applied for seed funding of $100,000 to $250,000 to support the development and testing of their bold ideas. Close to 250 applications were received from First Nations, Inuit, and Metis groups in every province, territory, and region across Canada, across health, social, and economic landscapes including innovations to improve and advance cultural knowledge, food security, environmental sustainability, leadership, capacity building, land-based programs, circular economies, all grounded in Indigenous ways of knowing and being.

Only a small percentage of round one applicants will receive funding from I3’s initial seed funding. This first group of 10 will be announced publicly in April and is ready to start their innovative projects in a ground-breaking, transformative, and long-sought-after initiative to support Indigenous Innovation.

The second group of 10 innovative projects has also been approved and is awaiting funding.

Overview of Round 1 Request for Proposals (August 2020) for Advancing Indigenous Gender Equality through Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship here.

The collaborative team of PowHERhouse and I3 team is motivated more than ever to ensure awareness around this initiative grows exponentially. It is our goal to ensure round one innovators are celebrated and amplified. We will also pursue further interest in and an appetite for fundraising participation by individuals, foundations, and corporate groups through outreach, engagement, and onboarding to create a clear, deliberate, and sustainable pathway for round two innovators and beyond.

“Investing in people at the innovation stage means that you are going to be able to support them through a whole journey.”

- Sara Wolfe, Indigenous Innovation Initiative

At this time, PowHERhouse is looking to speak with Donors, Impact Investors, & Impact Media Partners.

We provide a clear pathway to participate in the growth and realization of Indigenous Innovation. Let's discuss the right pathway for you.

We also partner with progressive, well-aligned National or North American foundations or social organizations to co-create digital fundraising opportunities fueled by advertising dollars of brands who choose to advertise better. If you have an advertising budget you'd like to fully leverage for good while building your brand value, please connect with us.

Learn more about Sara Wolfe, Director of Indigenous Innovation Initiative or book a conversation with Charlene now.