i3 Innovator Julia Weder

Holistic media production company for emerging Indigenous artists

Indigenous Innovator Announcement | Meet Julia Weder

Holistic media production company for emerging Indigenous artists.

Julia Weder lives and works in Haida Gwaii on the unceded territory of The Haida Nation. 

Julia Weder is the Youth Engagement Co-ordinator of the Skidegate Health Centre within the XaaydaGa Dlaang Society (Haida Wellness Society) based at Xaaynangaa Naay (House of Life). She works to build young people's personal and political agency in their fight for social change. She is a climate/social/racial justice activist, and a settler based on Haida Gwaii. Together with Indigenous film director, university instructor and award-winning social entrepreneur Patrick Shannon who is also known as Nang Ḵ‘uulas, they are committed to community empowerment through the elevation of marginalized voices. 

i3 Innovator image - Julia Weder

The Haida Gwaii Media Collective is a holistic media production company, including a workspace and advisory council, to support emerging Indigenous artists in film, podcasting, graphic design and other digital art forms. The collective will be founded on Haida values that inspire respect, resource-sharing, collaboration, and cultural integrity, to re-empower artists to share their experiences and stories in new and creative ways across nations and generations. This is a barrier-free collective that is open to all residents of Haida Gwaii. 


“As Haida Gwaii transitions from extraction-based economies, the importance of creative sectors is growing and this project is well-situated to bring the media sector to life. This is a particularly important initiative to create pathways for youth, women and gender diverse people in a male-dominated media industry. This project has the potential for immeasurable impact in terms of reconciliation and community-building.”

- Sara Wolfe, Director, Indigenous Innovation Initiative


The Haida Gwaii Media Collective allows year-round access to film and editing resources, offering creators complete control of their creative and storytelling process. The cultural advisory council will bridge and oversee local and non-local productions to ensure vulnerable groups are not exploited or misrepresented, and to support creators in integrating Haida values into their projects. Haida Gwaii is rich with stories, and each voice can shape their future. 


The Haida Gwaii Media collective addressess systemic issues of inequality by empowering community members to take a stand with their voice, reconnect with culture, and explore their creativity. All of these strengthen our community by inspiring others and enhancing our sense of mattering.