Ever since I was a little girl, I've needed to know. I've always needed to know. Here we sit in unprecedented times, and it strikes again, I just need to know. 

To know what, you ask? What's next.

When I was in grade 1, I wanted to be in grade 4. When I was in grade 4, I wanted to be in grade 8. When I started my business, I wanted to be the Oprah Winfrey of Impact. You get the picture, right?


Let's start with a favour: If you haven't already, please watch this video:

[Thanks.] I've always done a superb job of surrounding myself with epicly amazing people, and I trust my connections here are no different. When you build a brand like PowHERhouse, you are intentionally looking to exist alongside those you most admire.

Here's what I need to know right now:

  • What is our collective perspective on What's Next? Whatever we choose to create as leaders moving forward will be.
  • How do we regain our footing from victim role to a leadership role, while respecting a very serious situation, and lead from there?
  • What will it take? The speaker in the above video describes our current situation as "Depressing, but not surprising." We can and must do better. A fundamental shift is underfoot. Can we agree on that? Or, are we all waiting with bated breath for things to get back to normalNewsflash: There is a new normal.
  • Are we ready for different? And what does that look like? If we aren't ready, what do we most need to get ready? What does different look like to you in your organization, industry, sector, and province?

Sincerely, the 'Nancy Drew' in me appreciates your comments and answers. It comes from a place of I need to know. I hope you can appreciate that.

PowHERhouse is hosting a virtual gathering for leaders the mornings of April 30 + May. FireCircle 2020 for those of us who need to know.


Charlene SanJenko is the Founder and CEO of PowHERhouse. A 20-year commitment to the mobilization of human potential, Charlene’s leadership contribution can be summarized in three simple sentences:
IT'S 2020. Every human deserves the opportunity to experience their full potential. PowHERhouse delivers on the HOW for HER. PowHERhouse is a global collective of progressive, whole, healthy leaders who are deeply committed to the activation, acceleration and amplification of purpose-driven systemic change for social impact.

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