The Goliath Foundation Announces How Healing Happens for Black History Month

Father-daughter duo Ben and Willow Smith of The Goliath Foundation, an organization committed to helping people move past pain acknowledges Black History Month by announcing the beta-launch of How Healing Happens for Spring 2021. 

How Healing Happens is a web-based, interactive, digital toolkit and mental health program for men created to address depression, suicide and addiction. This eight-module program developed by BIPOC father-daughter duo Ben and Willow Smith, runs alongside the pair’s popular podcast Loving Goliath where the two unpack Ben’s personal journey from suicidal self-loathing to health and happiness, all of which is detailed in his upcoming book: Killing Goliath.

Ben + Willow

From Ben Smith

If the last year has shown us anything, it has served as a reminder of the unwavering spirit of our BIPOC community and the importance of unity. We've seen great outpourings of love, strength and togetherness and it's clear the way forward is together. As we celebrate the beauty of Blackness during Black History Month and look back into our history to the many heights and hurdles, we couldn't be more honoured to have received this gracious funding to move forward with our goal of sharing a simple, sustainable process to young men, including BIPOC men, to feel better on the inside and out.  ~ Trainer Ben Smith, Co-Creator and Project Lead  

From Willow Smith

In addition to being a month that showcases black creators, businesses and projects like ours, Black History Month is a keen reminder of the path walked before and still walked today. Statistics show us that while 16.8% of Black Americans are sufferers of mental illness, they receive 17% less care for these illnesses than their white counterparts, and Indigenous communities report higher rates of posttraumatic stress disorder and alcohol dependence than any other ethnic group. Forward movement looks like mental health and wellbeing in our Black and Indigenous boys and men.”   ~ Willow Smith, Junior Project Lead

Smith is a Black writer, trainer, inspirational speaker, former professional boxer and youth-care worker. He was born in Seattle, adopted shortly thereafter, and now works closely with his daughter, Willow Smith, a mixed-race millennial, on this legacy project targeting mental wellness for men, especially BIPOC and those in the foster care system. 

How Healing Happens launches its first beta-cohort with the screen-based digital toolkit thanks to the support of the Indigenous Screen Office in the Spring of 2021. For more information or to become a Social Impact Champion of How Healing Happens please click HERE.