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HOW Do You Get What You Want?

Man, there are so many books out there about possibility.  Whether it’s your perfect mate, perfect body, perfect career, or perfect financial status… we are truly overwelmed with info about getting what you want. 

I’m going to break it down into three super-simple steps.

1.  KNOW what you want.  Alot of people don’t get what they want because they are so damn wishy-washy about it.  They are all over the map and keep changing their mind.  Clarify people, clarify.  Focus people, focus. 

2.  Get CONNECTED.  I could talk about this one until I was blue in the face and my fingertips fell off from all the typing.  The word CONNECTED is fully loaded.  Get CONNECTED with that part of yourself – deep on the inside – that knows you really can do anything.  Get connected to that Olympian within!  Do whatever you need to do on a daily basis to connect – to believe – that it truly IS possible.  And here’s a tip – it’s all about emotion.  If you feel like like it is possible… it is.  Sometimes when I’m hiking ~ huffing and puffing ~ I just use that time to really plug-in to what I most want.  To get focused, clear, empowered.  Physical activity and creative activity is brilliant for this!  Connected also means externally.  There’s power in numbers.  The more people who know what you want and what you are aspiring to… the more people that can help.  Networking is brilliant.  Collectively, we can move forward so much faster than individually. 

3.  Be COMMITTED.  I would say this is the toughest one.  Alot of people give what they want some pretty good ‘word-speak’.  But how committed to your goals – your dreams – creating your reality are you?  Are you committed to the process?  For 1 year?  For 10?  Commitment takes practice.  It’s a daily practice to stay committed.  And all you can do is re-commit each day as it comes.  Our dreams happen when we don’t give up on dream.  Dreams never give up.  We do.

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  1. Michele March on April 11, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    Charlene, yes there are too many books to mention……a few that I’m reading at the moment! Fantastic, you have managed to summarize in one printable page exactly what to focus on…(1) Know what you want…….(2) Get connected and (3) Be committed. It is on my desk, reviewed daily. Thank you!! Michele

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