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The Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls Memorial.

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Photo credit: Elizabeth McMilllan - CBC 2018

On February 14th, we pause our privilege to remember.

May we also pledge ‘to protect our children and our family here on Earth’ today and the remaining 364 days of this and every year. Our family. One family. Breathe in the painful memories to expand our understanding, drop the ‘Other’, and smash the stigmas that keep us apart and separate.


We are better than this. Our only priority at this time is to heal the humans of this planet.

How many more reminders do we need?

How many more Sisters must we lose?

Hold HER. Honour HER. Protect HER.


“My (birth) cousin was the victim of a murder-suicide. Killed by her husband on the reserve where she grew up. Where we both should have grown up. Her name and her memory added to the growing list of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women. She stayed. I left. She died. I lived. MY LIFE IS A GIFT. But what good is a gift if we don’t fully experience it? I mean, really. What good is it? I wear it daily – the Gift that is my Life. It comes with a deep sense of responsibility, a FIRE burning inside of me. Constantly burning. It burns for HER.”

~ Charlene SanJenko, Founder of PowHERhouse 

Please watch this clip from Alejandro Zuluaga: Survival, Strength and Sisterhood. 

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