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Does Your Home Make You Happy? Quick & Simple Cozy-Up Fixes for Your Home this Fall

Is your home your sanctuary?

It needs to be.  Your home is a direct reflection of you, an extension of who you are. What personal image is portrayed by your home?  I pride myself on having a home that most find cozy and welcoming.  I want it to be known as a safe place – both warm and inviting. I’m here to share 3 quick cozy-up tips for your home this Fall, and don’t worry, you don’t need to be Martha Stewart to pull these off:

  • cinnamon sticksScent:  Scent is the first thing I think about in my home.  Nobody wants to walk in and smell my dog, my cat (no matter how cute) or last night’s fish dinner. My favorite way to get my home smelling delightful is super-easy!  Put a small pot of water on the stove on low heat, add vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg – and tada – a cozy scent that is perfect for our autumn season!  You don’t have to stop there, you can toss in a pumpkin pie spice blend, orange slices, or dried cranberries.  Be creative.
  • Texture:  Another easy fix! I have fabulous cozy blankets on all seating areas along with cuddly throw pillows so visitors can get comfortable and enjoy. I also like to offer slippers to people coming over when we get into our colder months.
One final tip, and my personal favourite:
  • Use your ‘Sunday Best’:  Whether it is a candle you are saving for a special occasion, unused pretty towels, or  holiday-only serving ware,  USE it!  Every day is special.

cozy blanket
I hope you find these 3 simple fixes an easy kick-start to creating your personal sanctuary.

Stay tuned for more easy home and gardening tips.

Domestication Queen certificate NOT required.

Chrissy Moore is a First Nations artist, jeweler, gift creator and overall happy homemaker.  She prides herself in simple solutions that even the busiest women can utilize.  You can connect with Chrissy on Twitter.

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