Hilti Emerging Leader | Akshay Beri

Hilti Emerging Leader | Akshay Beri

Committed to help lead the company to a better future and be one of the pillars that keeps the company in place. 

Akshay resides in Ottawa on the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnaabe people.


Akshay has been in sales for about 12 years with four years spent thus far at Hilti in his current role as a rental specialist account manager where his responsibilities include managing independent and national rental companies. It is important to train, educate, and provide feedback to national accounts like Home Depot, which are multimillionaire clients of Hilti. 

Akshay attended the University of Ottawa where he took classes in business commerce specialized in marketing. He's also taken courses in portfolio management, finance, accounting, statistical courses, and has experience using analytical software like SAS and R. 

Hilti profile - Akshay

Beyond Business Leadership Legacy Statement

Akshay aspires to be a pillar within his relationships, helping forge a direct path for the goals of his community.

Who Are You in One Sentence? How Do You Want to Be Known and Remembered?

I'm an outgoing guy who loves meeting people and building relationships. I'm also a motivated investor who is always striving for success. I want to be known as a good friend and a mentor.

What Do You Care Deeply About? What Do You Stand For?  Something is calling you. 

I stand for being a pillar for whoever is close to me.

When Do You Feel MOST Lit Up? What are You Doing at That Time? Who Are You With?

I feel most lit up when I accomplish a goal, receive complements, and get acknowledgment while working, studying, or practicing with my work team, friends or family. 

Where Do You Want to be 12 Months From Now on Your Leader Path?   

In 12 months I would like to have transitioned into a new position within the company that helps me move towards a management or marketing role.

And Why? 

I've studied business in school and specialized in marketing. This role is one I'm interested in and want to pursue.