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Heather White, Authenticity Addict and Advocate

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Who you want to be is who you already are.  

Tucked inside of you is the Truth about the potential for your life.  That Truth deserves your obsessive pursuit.  

I'll ride shotgun.... Let's do this!

"The authentic self is the soul made visible." - Sarah Ban Breathnach

Heather is a tour de force.  Riding shotgun alongside revolutionary girl bosses. 

As a high-performer herself, first in athleticism, then in business, Heather learned a certain depth was missing from 'achievement' by our current social and cultural standards.  She became obsessed with uncovering the missing piece.

Today, armed with the right questions, she passionately leverages high-performance talent, while adding a mindful, conscious thread to guide a more fulfilling result.  Heather co-pilots alongside high-performing women, and a few great men, as they get real about what they're done with so they can upgrade their lives to match who they truly are internally with the work they do externally

Heather's unique high-performance Authenticity Advocacy coaching differentiators:

  • Articulate:  Explains things in just the right way with practicality so clients can take information and implement it for real change.
  • Listener:  Hears between the lines and pinpoints exactly, going right to the crux of an issue, even when clients may not be aware of what that main issue is.
  • Adaptable:  Not tied to any one particular modality, technique or process, Heather is able to meet clients exactly where they are at, navigating a path for growth best-aligned for them.



The Authenticity Addicts Podcast! Yay!
The Authenticity Addicts podcast is a real-talk approach to exploring the evolutionary impulse that we sense within, shining a light on what’s truly possible for our lives. When we start tuning into our inner dwellings and resourcefulness, we start to hear the quiet whispers nudging us toward expansion. But let’s face it, growth is scary and messy and isn’t always delivered in the package we expect. This podcast explores the journey of the courageous, self-actualizing soul seeking nothing less than the greatest possibility for their life.


Ready to make way for your authentic self to rise to the surface of your life?
Let's talk.


Heather is a true gift to this world!

A force, a soul- seeking badass who digs in deep and helps pull all of the junk and ickiness from your life.  The “stuff” holding you back is no longer a road block and with truth, compassion and love, Heather will take you on a journey inside of your soul! She has helped me find a life that matches my priorities! Heather White has given me the tools to clear the fog and I now have a crystal clear path to living the life I have always imagined! Forever changed!

- Sally Neff


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