HEATHER BARNHOUSE | How to Design the Business You Love: A Legal Perspective

Heather Barnhouse of Dentons will facilitate an intimate breakout discussion around the common tips & traps that women entrepreneurs often face in the legal realm around navigating the legal environment.

Women entrepreneurs often face disproportionately different issues in their businesses than men do, and may not know about the possibilities that exist.  With strategic focus and direction, and some difficult conversations, women entrepreneurs can live the life they love.  Let’s talk about how to make that happen!

Join Heather and and a small group of local #YYC PowHERhouses for a PowHERPOD session on Thursday, April 12.  This mini-mastermind provides the opportunity for our WOMEN BUILT2SCALE Accelerator participants to deep-dive into a particular topic with a focused conversation to deliver not only tangible and implementable outcomes but also budding new relationships with like-minded women on the same scaling-track you are on!  Three questions that Heather often hears from entrepreneurs are:

1)     With limited legal resources, what are the top legal items I should invest in to protect my business in early days?

2)     I can’t stand my business partner or current arrangement.  Now what?

3)     How do I ensure that I create a legacy that can be transferred when I’m ready to transfer my business?

About Heather:

Heather has been an active Corporate & Commercial Partner at Dentons Law firm in Edmonton for the past 14 years. Her experience includes assisting.clients with all aspects of their business, from organization, structural management, operational, financing and exit transactions (i.e. mergers and acquisitions).

Heather advises clients with respect to corporate issues relating to statutory requirements, shareholder and director issues, liability issues and other related matters from an organizational, operational and transactional perspective, as well as confidentiality agreements, material transfer agreements, licensing, service and grant agreements, collaboration and consulting agreements. She embraces a collaborative approach to conflict resolution. Heather was awarded the Prince Michael of Kent Award in London, England at Buckingham Palace for her pro bono work with the Royal Life Saving Society.

About PowHERhouse and WOMEN BUILT2SCALE:

PowHERhouse is a national women’s media organization with a strong focus on social impact, providing a supportive ecosystem that creates positive systemic change in the lives of girls and women while acting as an educational and economic driver.  As a catalyst, conduit, curator and convener, PowHERhouse utilizes publications, partnerships, well-curated online content and strategic live events to mobilize more women forward – faster.  Behind everything we do is a solid women’s advocacy message and clear communication of our mission to rocket more women into influential, senior leadership roles – in organizations, on boards, in politics, and leading in global business headquartered in Canada.  Our Spring 2018 WOMEN BUILT2SCALE Calgary Accelerator Series is our current demonstration of our work in the world April 11-15.

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