Women WE Celebrate, leader development + visibility

A proven system and framework to elevate an emerging female leader's personal brand, increase visibility, and prepare them for their next opportunity with refined clarity and focus.  


Modules 5 & 6 of our Women WE Celebrate program focuses on 'Finding Your Voice. Taking Your Lead.' 

Participants walk away with a 90-day progressive game-plan ready to take action for traction.

Deep-dive discussion topics include:

  • Athletic-based performance principles and how they can apply to leaders eager to reach their full potential
  • The importance of building your leader reputation by Finding Your Voice, being prepared, and knowing your key messages
  • Building a proactive referral circle for leverage, support and accountability
  • Developing a daily Practice of powHERful living: energy, consistency, urgency, persistence and perseverance

The natural progression for many Women WE Celebrate participants after completing this program will be to continue to work with us through our SPEAK! Canada program.

Erin Thorp (1)

"Charlene has brought clarity and power to my voice and my brand. I am now able to articulate what I do, who I work with and what I need. It has given me the confidence, power and tools to be successful. She is a true gift in this world." - Dawn Armstrong