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Experience the Wisdom
Interactive Conversations of Whole Leadership

GATHER for HER Season 3 launches January 13, 2021.  Each Wednesday we gather live for an interactive conversation with whole leaders who are ready for the challenges of today. Each week alternates between a featured Woman of Impact who models whole leadership through integrated storytelling and collaborative conversation, and an hour long Wisdom Circle where the audience becomes a collective voice  facilitated by GATHER Hosts: Charlene SanJenko, Christina Benty, Tina Overbury and Sharon Marshall. 

Each hour is an opportunity to co-create and harvest the collective wisdom we need for a sustainable future. 

Next FIRECIRCLE April 2021

The Question - FireCircle

What is a FireCircle?
Deep Listening & Decision-Making for HER

On November 6, 2020, we held our final FireCircle of the year where we listened for wisdom as we grappled with the question: How do we invite reverence back into our lives?

This three-hour virtual interactive conversation featured the thought leadership and living wisdom of global voices: Métis artist of impact Andrea Menard, Gemini-nominated filmmaker Dianne Whelan, and Author, Speaker, and Philosopher Charles Eisenstein

Watch for our follow-up editorial to be released soon. Our next FireCircle will be in April 2021.     

FireCircle is a process of listening, witnessing, and implementing to bring the leaders of today through the fire of our times. Our proven FireCircle model and methodology can be customized for any group or organization.


Our community of leaders and Firedancers are out there in the field making an impact right now. In this new terrain, we learn, act and integrate collectively for the greater good of our teams, communities, and family. We frequently gather together online to listen and share real-time and responsive wisdom.



A conversation series addressing what is happening right now.
Wednesdays - 8 am Pacific, 9 am AB/SK, 11 am Eastern.

SEASON 3 launches January 13, 2021

January 13 | Tina Overbury - Lead, Beyond Belief by Living Your Story

January 20 | PowHERhouse Wisdom Circle

January 27 | Sonia Furstenau - Doing Politics Differently

February 3 | PowHERhouse Wisdom Circle


As our earth heals.
Our communities regroup.
Our families rest and restore.

We will keep the fire burning for all of you.

Watch for upcoming FireCircle Gatherings in:

Ottawa, Canada 

Sydney, Australia,

and Puerto Morelos, Mexico


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