First Steps from mediocrity to intentionality. For HER. Human Expansion, Realized.

A return to WHOLE-Self leadership for Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders, innovators, and impact champions with a focal point on how we relate fundamentally to ourselves, to each other, and to all our relations, resulting in better, bolder, braver decisions for a brighter future by 2030. First Steps is the foundational groundwork for a global systemic shift in how we lead, initiated as we seek a deeper, richer, clearer, more interconnected, and deliberate experience in daily life and allowing an inevitable wave of transformation to emanate from there.


  • A 90-day adventure in integrated awareness for humans who are ready to be in-relationship with life in a more truthful, authentic, and fully awake way.

  • Intuitive in nature, intentional yet emerging, and co-created within a simple yet compelling personal and professional growth framework.

  • A deeply enriching process where your journey is mirrored by like-minded women from a diverse cross-section of sectors, backgrounds, cultures, geographical areas, and lived experience.

First Steps Testimonial - Janice V2

First Steps is a non-typical leader development opportunity calling to leaders who crave grounded stability, strength, and faith-based confidence as they take their place with purpose, find their seat at the table, and make things happen. Find your footing and know where to step next with clarity of thought and a voice bold enough to be heard.

Hosted and co-facilitated by Program Lead and Co-Creator, Christina Benty; PowHERhouse Founder, Co-Creator, and Impact Media Producer, Charlene SanJenko; and Program Host, Amanda Rae Storteboom.

Three modules over three months. Participants should expect a 6-10 hours-per-month (90-minutes/week minimum) time commitment to cultivate and receive full preparation and integration benefits.

First Steps meets leaders where they're at while respectfully holding the belief of all they are here to become.

Day-by-day, week-by-week over the course of 90 days, participants are invited to a process that encourages them to explore what the First Steps into their desired future reality might look and feel like and then holds them accountable to taking the steps they are ready to begin with. 

A macro transformation through highly integrated micro-steps to ensure who you are today is not who you will be in the future.
The purpose of First Steps is to provide all-too-valuable 'practice time' in an honest yet nurturing space designed for real-life scenario role-playing, truth-telling, stretch-thinking, fierce dialogue, finding your voice, and reciprocal learning.
First Steps is a pre-requisite of our annual accountability, sustainability, and awareness adventures experience for leaders, The Leader Path.



Program Lead & Co-Creator

Charlene SanJenko

Impact Producer & Co-Creator

Amanda Rae Storteboom

First Steps Program Host


First Steps is a three-module process for women leaders who crave stability, strength and confidence as they take their place with purpose, find their seat at the table, and make impact happen. This offering provides the groundwork for whole, steady, and confident leaders who are ready for accelerated growth, both personally and professionally. We recommend a minimum of 90 minutes per week (optimally 120 minutes) committed to the First Steps experience to absorb and embody it in its richest form.

Find Your Feet

Knowing where you stand and what you stand for - your values, beliefs, hopes, and dreams all make for a strong foundation. Right in the centre, the fulcrum or balance point in the middle, lies clarity in all that we have forgotten.

Know Where You Are Going

We weren’t meant to walk this path of the fullest expression of our human existence alone. In fact, it is in the gap of uncertainty when we are stretched and uncomfortable that we call in who and what you need.

MODULE 3: Building
& Bridging Our Faith Muscle

Absolute faith lies dormant until it is ignited. What if faith is built as it is awakened and then intentionally, deliberately, and repeatedly weaved into our daily life on a consistent basis?

Learn more about First Steps - download our Info Sheet or book a conversation with Amanda Rae now. Both individual leaders and corporate or organizational groups most welcome.

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