The world is changing. In an era of intense global competition, Canadian women must build on past achievements, address challenges head on, and seize new opportunities. The call to action will position our country for success in the future. No one can achieve these goals alone. Now is the time when Canadian WOMEN must work together to tackle challenges and explore creative ideas for growth.

We need to better connect with one another, as well as grow our partnerships in the world and other parts of Canada. We need to be accountable, recognize where we fall short, and celebrate success. Our actions must continue to evolve as new challenges and opportunities arise.

FireCircle 2020 will convene women for honest and courageous conversations that open us up to bigger, bolder, braver possibility, connecting us to the deeper, richer part of our innate potential that remains dormant, waiting and ready to be ignited, activated and accelerated. As we shift our perspective from the ‘polarizing challenges and hot-button issues’ that are currently blocking our unified growth, we recognized this resistance for what it truly is: This is an opportunity to live and  lead at a higher level for a purpose, as we expand into our fullest potential through reciprocal partnerships. [Big Potential, Shawn Achor]

Further details:

  • Invitations are being distributed throughout the month of February to this invitation-only strategic visioning summit.
  • On Thursday, April 30th, 2020, Indigenous and non-Indigenous female leaders and decision makers from across Western Canada will convene in Regina where representatives from the oil & gas industry, business, health, and the environment will meet for full-day session about how to move forward, together, through the vehicle of partnership.
  • We may not have all of the answers, but we are willing to discuss the tough questions. Heart-centred women leaders in positions of influence will BE the change we crave.
  • Please confirm your interest below asap to receive further event particulars and your registration information to our Opening Night Reception on Wednesday evening, April 29, the FireCircle on Thursday, April 30, and a VIP Reception immediately following. Guests have an option to join us for a second day on Friday, May 1 for The Leader Path deep-dive workshop if they choose.
  • We will begin listing our invite and rsvp list mid-February. Check back to learn more about other FireCircle invited guests.

PowHERhouse is a national women's leadership accelerator, a House of Leaders for World-Class Impact.

We continuously aspire to become a global leadership model for community development and tangible social impact which accelerates collective solution-finding using a collaborative model, all for systemic change. PowHERhouse puts the science of a tipping point (25%) to create a GLOBAL shift into practice.

Each of our 100+ live event guests has an inside circle of 20 amazing women, an inner circle of 200, and a peripheral circle of 2000.
We believe the magic happens at the periphery. Every PowHERhouse event of 100 intentional invited women leaders potentially carries The Leader Path message to 200,000 women.

Global goals. Impact at Home. We're creating a tidal wave to 25% by modelling impact at home.

When enough HOMES are lit up with circles of leadership, the entire leadership model changes.

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