Filomena May | PowHERpanel Guest + PowHERtalker, April 14 + 15

Meet Filomena May, Financial Advisor, Filo Financial Solutions of Raymond James, PowHERpanel guest, and PowHERtalker at the Calgary Woman’s Show.

Filomena is a financial advisor, author, mother and the first female president of her cultural society, Calgary Calabrese Cultural and Heritage Society.  She thrives on pushing herself and finding her edge, personally and professionally so that she can make a positive impact for people as a community leader and advocate for women’s empowerment.  Read Filomena’s profile here.

  • She brings an INTUITIVE EDGE and holistic approach to finance and planning for the future. Guided by a sense that every shift is about something bigger than herself and a curiosity about what is possible when we push the boundaries in life.
  • She finds her inspiration participating in a like-minded community and is passionate about inspiring others to see their potential. “Women need to trust in their own unique edge, know it and own it!
  • Filomena excels at simplifying what can appear to be a complicated process, which is crucial in a fast-paced market environment. “Don’t fear money, be empowered by it.

Come and meet Filomena along with our other PowHERpanel guests:  Lara Murphy, Karen Pearce, Jill Andres, and Jamie Sale at the Calgary Woman’s Show on Saturday, April 14 from 1-2 pm.  Filomena will also be sharing her PowHERtalk on-stage, “BE BOLD! Turning Your Vision Into Reality” on Sunday, April 15 from 2:15-3 pm

The PowHERpanel is just one event of an extensive 5-day accelerator series April 11-15 called WOMEN BUILT2SCALE.

Filomena invites you to check out two other WOMEN BUILT2SCALE accelerator events on April 12 & 13 still available:

PODS |  Exploratory, themed deep-dive breakout sessions, mini-masterminds with a small group of women.  Four PODS to choose from on April 12.  Details here.   As a referral of Filomena’s, join us for just $29.

WOMEN BUILT2SCALE Workshop, a 4-Hour, Fast-Paced + Facilitated Workshop to Scale Your Business, Influence + Impact as Canadian Woman Who Leads on Friday, April 13, 1-5 pm.  Details here.  As a referral of Filomena’s, join us for just $179.

PowHERhouse gratefully acknowledges the support of our Presenting Sponsor, HILTI Canada.  Thank you for helping us to build strong women who lead!

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