Female Leaders with Impact

5 Key Components of Female Leaders with Impact

PowHERhouse is a highly interactive multi-media platform that celebrates Canadian women who are making an impact in sport, business, the arts and community leadership.  As an educational and economic driver for like-minded women with a keen focus on lifestyle management and leadership development, we are constantly studying women’s leadership and curiously asking the question:  What makes a strong leader?

Here are our Top 5:

1.    We show up.

First of all, we get clarity around our Mission and then we show up and we keep showing up until that Mission is accomplished.  Many times it’s not glamorous, and most times no one is watching – but regardless, it is who we are and what we do everyday that makes us leaders.


2.    Our actions – not our words.

Many people talk at great lengths about the important things they are going to do or have done.  However, some of the world’s most powerful leaders say very little at all.  They allow their actions to speak for them.


3.    We make tough decisions.

Some ‘decision-makers’ actually do their best to avoid decisions rather doing what they can to stay in the public’s favour.  In my opinion, many sit on the fence and try their damnedest to keep everyone happy.  The result?  Nothing happens.  Leaders know that in order to grow stronger, tough decisions have to be made – decisions that sometimes take us outside our comfort zones as that is when we build strength.


4.    We lead from the centre.

A certain style of leader attracts those wants only to lead from the front of the pack.  A leadHER of impact is happiest being part of a team and leading collaboratively from the centre.  Trust is instilled in others which in turn inspires their team to want to be better leaders.


5.    Leadership starts with me.

If you want to be a great leader, lead your own life first.  I could write an entire article on just this topic.  In fact, former municipal mayor and community leader, Christina Benty recently has.  You can read her article, Great Leaders Lead Their Own Lives, PowHERfully, First!  There’s a quote by Albert Einstein that goes, “Setting an example is not the main means of influencing others, it is the only means.


Actions you can take today to become a stronger leader.

Identifying Strength Gaps & Energy Leakages

A strong leadHER – like a strong body – is only as strong as her weakest link.  We need to make our greatest challenges into our strongest opportunities.  That begins with identifying strength gaps and energy leakages:

•      Flustered, lack of focus, needing to ground?

•     Is multi-tasking really serving you well?

•      Is communication lacking due to lack of confidence?

•      Is your energy flat because “you are so busy” and not practicing ample self-care?

•      Are you being the role model you want to be – everyday?


Appreciating Talent, Remembering Greatness and Celebrating Our Assets

Our PowHERhouse mantra is, “The stronger we are, the stronger we are!”  Click here to read our Mission.

What does this mean?

  • We must remember that everything we need as mission-driven leaders is inside us right now waiting to be accessed for Our collective greatest good.
  • Our God-given talent is our greatest asset.  Why are women all too eager to downplay our abilities and hide our talents?  What good does this do?  We owe it to ourselves and to our world to live up to our fullest potential and not shy away from it.  The world needs us to shine as brightly as we possibly can.


Finding Our Voice

“People may not remember what you said, but they remember how you made them feel.”

There are many ways to communicate.  Finding our voice as strong female leaders includes honing our ability to make others feel valued, appreciated, heard, honoured, respected and inspired.

Each one of us has something deep inside that we need to say.  It’s a message we were born to share, and we spend every day of our lives getting closer and closer to the true essence of our message allowing it to flow through us – like a conduit – in our daily lives through our thoughts, words, choices and actions.

Most importantly, finding our voice and perfecting our ability to communicate means first and foremost we practice being  powHERful listeners.  We know how to hold the space for others, respecting what they have to say and listening with an open heart.

True success in authentic communication happens when we don’t have to say anything at all, it is obvious from who we are being each day, and the world is attracted to us and our message because of how we make them feel.



Making a decision to be a leader is where it all begins and ends.  According to Forbes, leadership is defined as process of social influence which maximizes the efforts of others towards the achievement of a goal.  We believe this process breaks down to a daily practice – which we call the Practice of PowHERful Living – and the sweet spot of your most powHERful practice and strongest life as woman of impact lies waiting for you within the integration of Lifestyle + Leadership.

It’s there, waiting.  Own It!



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