Feel More Powerful this Spring

Want to feel more powerful this Spring?  Let’s start with how you view your fitness.

I grew up with 4 older brothers and 4 male cousins.

In the 6th grade my teacher called me ‘chunky’ in front of my class.

One of my main role models at that time – due to proximity – was my mother.  Unfortunately, what I learned from her was that when you didn’t feel good about yourself, it was time to go on a diet.

When I was 18 years old, I set foot in my first gym.  That was almost 28 years ago.  It was the first time in my life that I ever felt that I could play a pro-active role with both how my body felt as well as how I felt in my body.

Throughout my 20’s, I started to experience that the stronger I felt in my body, the stronger and more confident I felt in my life.  I began to play with that relationship, and I needed to take that experience as far as I possibly could for myself to see what I could learn from the process (natural bodybuilding).

At the age of 30, I left a fairly prestigious corporate position in the financial services industry because I had a powerful mission.  After a decade of professional experience, I knew with certainty that more than anything else ~ in my mind ~ the world was in need and still is of more confident, caring and compassionate STRONG women.

In 2000, I began my company, PowHERhouse, with this mission in mind: To Build Strong Women… by helping women to elevate the role that we allow fitness to play in our lives.

That was 15 years ago, hundreds of clients, thousands of women I have come into contact with, and many more to come.


2015 - spin photoWHY Strength-Training is an Important Aspect of your overall Fitness Program

I’m going to keep this simple and touch on both the Physiological and Psychological benefits:

·       We all know and understand that as we age we naturally begin to lose bone density and muscle mass.  We’ve heard this before but it is worth repeating again.  Herein lies the key physiological value of strength-training.

·       What I’d like to touch on today is the complementary psychological value.  Let’s talk about being FIT and FEARLESS.  It’s talk about power and performance.  Let’s talk about aging with ease, grace and vibrancy.

·       What I learned throughout my 20’s and began to teach in my 30’s and now into my 40’s is that the core benefit of a consistent strength-training program for women is that is to build a healthy relationship to their bodies.  After all, our bodies are our vehicles for this lifetime.  We should learn to love them.

·       A strength-training program includes learning the  valuable connection to your core, understanding the power that comes from your pelvis, and learning to BE in your body with confidence and grace that carries through to every other area in your life.


Char’s Top 10 Tips to Move Forward PowHERfully this Spring!

1.     Keep it simple.  Eat well.  Move often.  Be positive!

Stop splitting hairs.  Stop second-guessing yourself.  Think about what you can see yourself doing 5 years from now and being there.  There are no short cuts.  Appreciate the journey and make it your focus rather than the destination.


2.   Keep it consistent.  Take it in gears.

Many of the women I begin to work with review their eating and training goals with an ‘on again – off again’ approach.  You are better than that.  No one deserves to live ‘on a tightrope’.  Instead, I encourage you to think about it in gears.


3.    Remember your WHY –  what’s your cause?        

We’ve been taught the importance of goal-setting, but I’m going to encourage you to back up the bus and set a stronger foundation.  What is your cause.  What it is that you can commit to for the long-term that breathes into you such a strong desire that it fuels your consistency without question.

Strong women build strong families.  Strong families build strong communities.  Strong communities build a bright future!


4.    Ditch the sugar!  It’s cocaine.

Freeway to Fat Loss –  I-5 analogy – you can read more here.

Metabolism.  Digestion.  Assimilation.  Waste Elimination.


5.     Own the POWER in your posture & your pelvis.

We talk about ‘dressing for success’ but what about being in your body, standing with purpose and owning your space?  What about your powHER stance?

“High testosterone and low cortisol, a hormone profile that is characteristic of high-status and effective leaders and is induced by power posing, is associated with reduced stress, increased sense of personal control, and increased engagement and performance in competitive tasks.”  Read complete research article here.


6.    Watch your words.

To yourself as well as your daughters and the young women in your life – they ARE listening – and it’s time to break the cycle.


7.     Deprivation doesn’t work.

Healthy & tasty alternatives are where it’s at.  I encourage all of my clients to ask themselves, “Can I see myself doing this five years from now?”


8.    Recognize that we’re all BUSY… and take it out of your vocabulary.

It’s about priorities.  Implement a success strategy – find out that works for you.


9.   Build Your Toolkit: 

We all need tips, tools and solutions to help our implement our strategy as simply and easily as possible.  We also need support, motivation and inspiration.  Most of all, we need accountability.  Most of my work in the past 15 years has been in this area – working personally with clients, creating women’s events and retreats, and most recently through the launch of PowHERhouse, Canada’s Lifestyle + Leadership magazine for busy women.  I encourage you to consistently connect with us online  ~ women from across Canada to are looking to build stronger bodies, business and lives.


10.  It All Boils Down to Being Positive and Happy.

Exercise raises your vibrational energy.  Breathing deep, connecting to your core, releasing importance and wonderful endorphins… Exercise helps you to be happy.  When you are happy, your perspective of your life is healthy.  Who you are being with your family, in your relationships and in your community is positive.  You have the opportunity to make an impact.  You are literally attractive and magnetic from an energetic level.  You are connected and in your flow.

I’m going to tell you a little secret.   The fitness industry has held us captive.  Our focus has been on the SCALE… and they’ve kept it there because quite frankly… it’s big business.  According to US News, Americans spend $60 billion annually trying to lose weight.


My challenge to you this Spring is to elevate the role that you allow fitness to play in your life.  Recognize it for what it truly is:  It is a confidence catalyst, a connector, and community-builder.  I encourage you to look past the ‘sweat & workout component’, FEEL strong and powHERful in your body, breathe deeply and recognize the positive energy in the room when you are doing so, take time to connect with one or two women that you don’t know when you train and celebrate the community-building that is happening while we all work to build stronger bodies, business and lives.

Pick a 7-day challenge and start.  Start, simply!  Simply, start.

Here’s to a PowHERful Spring!


Visit our You Tube channel for our latest Spring Warrior Workout that you can do anytime, anywhere.


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