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“Being FEARLESS is being ‘a lil afraid in super-hero tights.”

Have you ever been afraid to start something?  We all have.  My name is Steely Springham, to many I am FEARLESS and FIERCE.  But sometimes I find myself feeling a little afraid.  When that happens I decide everyday to fear less, suddenly making me, well,  fearless.  It sometimes takes many reminders to keep choosing to fear less.  But done enough times, over and over again, the result is ‘not’ you never being afraid again.  NO.  The result is that you simply fear a little less and a little less each time.  Making you fearless.  I share this philosophy everyday in everything I do – with my clients, my customers, with random strangers in the gym.  Each aspect of my life is an extension of the other, and I can hardly call anything I do ‘work’.  No it’s simply living what I passionately believe!  Beyond being a Figure Athlete, a personal trainer, a supplement store manager, a confidence coach and competition posing coach, I am an inspirational conversationalist.  This combination facilitates the ‘why‘ I do what I do.  I believe others want to feel the empowerment of FEARLESS~ness, and I know they can.  Whether on a stage or on the stage of my life, I will continue to infectiously spread my passionate thoughts on FEARLESS~ness & the belief that ‘YES YOU CAN’.  I am living proof that by deciding to and then changing your perspective you change your outcome which affects others, and it is never too late to start.


Being paralyzed by fear my whole life led to food addiction, warped insecurities, bad choices and failures in relationships both personally and professionally, all stemming from a belief that I was never good enough.  I suffered needlessly because of fear.  Then I got out of my own way. I began to look at ‘fear’ and its energy in a different light.  I believe that in sharing this idea of changing your perspective on the energy of fear this will empower others and impact their lives in such glorious ways.


Being FEARLESS is not this aloof, unattainable state of being, reserved only for the seemingly ‘super-hero’ types. No, being FEARLESS is merely being “a lil afraid in tights”.  We can be superheros in our own lives when we choose our super-hero tights everyday instead of the heavy-weighted armour of fear.  That armour does not protect you, it only suffocates you, buries you and your dreams, preventing you from soaring to new glorious heights in your life where you are meant to be.


Fearless, Fierce and ‘a lil afraid’, is the winning combination to a limitless life.  So many people are too many times paralyzed by fear or governed by their fear. Fear is not the problem! No! In fact it is how you hold fear or remain stuck or paralyzed in the fear in your life. That is the problem. Acknowledging that you fear something is the first step to utilizing fear to your advantage. Using the energy of fear to maneuver through it is the best way to overcome it.


Its simple.      Fear   …   less.     Its a choice. The more you fear, the more fear has power in your life. The more fear has power in your life, the more things you fear. The more things you fear in your life the more you increase the power of fear. So I say…. FEAR LESS. A little less each day, each week, each month.


When I coach my confidence clients and mentally prepare my competitor athletes I tell them that in the moments leading up to walking out onto that stage is where “… you make the choice to identify the energy you are feeling… It is either ‘nervous energy’ or it is ‘excitement energy’. But that they need to know they are one in the same. You decide what title you are giving it. Nerves & nervous energy? Or excited, on fire energy? They are merely vibrating energy that you label. Whether its you in front of a group of people at an event, or meeting someone for the first time, job interview or whatever your situation, in that moment you decide to fear less, even a little you have made progress. The more you do it the more you will do it again and ultimately the less you will fear about it and other circumstances, making you you fear less and becoming fearless in time. Like anything else it takes deciding and then working at it. You don’t think Oprah was scared as hell when she began! Darn rights she was! You don’t think every PowHerHouse women reading this, participating, following, contributing doesn’t feel a little fear? We all do for we are all human. Its what you decide to do with it that will make the difference. You have that powHer to decide and you have tapped into a PowHer~FULL community here that will encourage, support, lift and empower collectively. So simply decide to fear less today.



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