Fall Planning | Routines and Rituals to Reclaim Your PowHER!

It doesn’t matter what you do.  Find what works for you, and just do it!  And keep doing it.   Success = consistency.

Fall can be an exciting time with new beginnings and renewed energy after a long, warm summer.  It can also be overwhelming as everything seems to hit us at once – meeting invites, scheduling requests, multiple priorities and projects requiring our attention.  STOP!  Listen.  Breathe.

Take a look through these routines and rituals from some of our favourite PowHERhouse peeps that can help you reclaim your powHER.

“Fall can be a little crazy in my household as both of the kids go back to school and mornings get a bit more hectic.  I have anxiety just thinking about it,” says Executive Director, CKNW Orphans’ Fund and mother of two, Jen Schaeffers.  “I try to stay as organized as possible but don’t freak out anymore when life seems chaotic.  Brene Brown’s ‘Gifts of Imperfection’ really helped me realize I can’t be all to everyone and do all for everyone.  I also say no a lot, and I have lost my FOMO that I used to have (Fear of Missing Out).”

At PowHERhouse, we call this powHERful preservation!

Creating space to be great.

Hillary Samson of Samson Consulting says there are three things that she tries to remember:

1.  Space out the meetings, especially with new people.  Everyone is keen to move their projects and ideas forward come September, and it is enticing to want to chat with everyone right away.  I need to pace my new connections with my current workload so I’m not overloaded.

2.  Be kind to myself.  Any transition can be difficult, and moving from the delightful days of summer with scheduled-in beach and family time to leaping full force into full days can be tricky and not necessarily efficient on my energy.

3.  I allow for the excitement of a ‘new year’ to be offset by some of the things that made summer great: walks on the beach, reading an engaging novel, and time to enjoy family and help as they transition into their next adventure.

And Jill Earthy, Director, BC & Yukon of Futurpreneur Canada adds, “As Fall nears, I find myself with the urge to purge.  As someone who works full-time with two kids, I find the summer to be incredibly busy with fun, outdoor activities but the house gets neglected and the piles build up.  Before school starts, I allocate time to review and purge each room and to set-up systems for a simple back to school routine.  I also view Fall as a chance to reflect and set goals both personally and professionally, and then to create a plan to ensure what I have outlined is realistic.  This includes scheduling time for exercise, outdoor fun with my girls and the occasional date night with my husband.”


Have a plan.

“It’s the moment by moment thoughts you have, decisions you make and actions you take that bring you closer to the life you desire or further away,” Leah Goard, Business Strategist.

We whole-heartedly agree.  In fact, we regular accept Leah’s invitation to Launch + Land (free guide & downloadable template).  She reminds us that life is a journey, and with any long trip you need a place to stop, rest and refuel, check your coordinates, confirm you’re still en route to your desired destination, and hop back on your path.

Before Fall runs full-steam ahead, ensure you have a plan.  As an example:

  • Know where you’d like to be by Christmas – with both your lifestyle and leadership goals;
  • Decide two or three wins that are going to provide evidence that you are well on your way;
  • Create a monthly strategy and decide how you are going to allocate your time and energy;
  • Take a look at your week-by-week calendar.  Are you focused on where you need to be in order to achieve your goals.
  • Chunk it down to doable.

Busy?  Be accountable.

We know that there is power in numbers.  Yet at times it’s hard to ask for help, even harder to admit when it’s too much. That’s when we need an unbiased third-party who is familiar with our goals, values and priorities.  Someone to be accountable to and give us perspective.  The busier we are, the more we require such a person.  Whether it is a coach, mentor, mastermind group, trainer or friend set yourself up with a well-matched check-in partner to hold yourself accountable.


Schedule in all the things that money cannot buy – family, friends, health, goals, doing what you love and fighting for a cause.  Literally, SCHEDULE IT IN.  Everything else that matters or seems trivial will fit.  “My scheduled activities – I mean actually scheduled in my Google diary – include activities and time with my family, signing up for and training for a trail run, and working and fighting for small city and small business acceleration.  In doing so, I wake up every morning conscious of loving my life, and I go to sleep happy.   And, I trust that I am in good company with other powHERhouses,” Angie Barnard Chief Motivating Officer, The Network Hub Nanaimo.

Move to energize.

“Maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle will make you feel strong and healthy and help you reduce stress,” explains Sybil Verch, Financial Advisor with Raymond James Ltd.  “It’s easy to put off going to the gym or out for a run, but if you don’t prioritize exercise, you’ll pay the price as your health suffers.  Once sick, you can’t run your business or take care of your family.  Five years ago I made a promise to myself that I would exercise a minimum average of three days per week. I’ve kept that promise and feel energized as a result.”

Bottom-line, to feel grounded, energetic and powHERful in our daily lives, we need to BE powherful.  The stronger we feel in our bodies, the stronger we’ll be in our lives.  We are physical beings born to move.  Activation of our greatest potential requires adequate rest, high-vibrancy fuel, and regular activity.  [Need a time-efficient solution? Our 12-week online lifestyle + leadership training program may be just what you are looking for.]

Please don’t be too hard on yourself.  A great reminder from Jake Hassel-gren, BMO Vice-President, Commercial Banking, South Western Ontario Division, “Don’t fall into rigidity this Fall.  After the looseness and freedom of the summer months, I think it’s is easy to suddenly feel like everything needs a deadline and a plan.  Fall brings the next fiscal year; budgets, scorecards, financial goals, meetings and plans.  People approach these activities with a high level of control.  I find this control counter-intuitive to creativity and collaboration, and in a people-driven business, it takes solid thinking to maneuver through it all and not fall into that control.  I’ve come to find a balance in this; I play some things loose and some things tight.  With my team, I help them find their way and act as a facilitator of their goals and the person who moves obstacles out of their way.  For myself, I need more discipline with consistent work-outs, proper eating and sleep.  I find if I’m not tight with my personal care, then the role of a facilitator becomes more of a dictator because I’m out of whack.  And that is not good for anyone!”

Find a system that works for you and do it, and just keep doing it.  Like any other muscle, a powHERful Practice grows stronger and stronger with use.  Success = consistency, and PowHERhouse is here to help.

We’re excited to watch you grow stronger and stronger as you make your impact in the world!


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