What if You Had Faith?

Faith in your work.

Faith in your skills.

Faith in your obstacles.

Faith in your fear.

What if you poured faith into all aspects of your day and didn’t pause to look sideways or backwards, but instead, looked only forward? What could that mean for your impact? I’m not suggesting going rogue and leaving your team behind, or demanding they keep up with you.

I am suggesting: acceleration happens when we don’t push or carry the extra weight of playing it safe.

Working from our faith doesn’t demand more of us, it requires less. It allows the river of force which lives under the surface to carry us. We can get out of the way. Often our obstacle to momentum is our own lack of trust.



Try this instead: Yes-do the work. Yes-lay the foundation. Yes-dig in to the research. Yes-point yourself in the direction you want to go, then start the ball rolling. Now get ON the ball and let faith carry you. Enough pushing. Enough effort. When you’ve put faith-driven work in the results are always better than you could’ve possibly imagined.

Work by your faith.

Achieve by your faith.

Rest in your faith. And have results the same way.

You are made for something awesome. You are called to do the work you do. So go do it and let faith push you forward instead of you. It’s way more sustainable, and oh yeah, BTW… way more fun too.


Tina Overbury guides our communications + digital direction. She is a core-communications specialist who works with individuals and organizations who are called for global impact. She works in story, guiding and collaborating with leaders to bring their compelling and authentic narrative to the surface.


  1. Amy on February 19, 2020 at 12:12 pm

    Beautiful words. I’m right there with you Tina. I choose faith.

  2. Ticia on February 20, 2020 at 9:44 am

    I just wanted to share that this post totally hit me! YES!!!!
    ~ trusting and putting Faith in HER in ME.


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