PowHERhouse events focus on you and the quality of your experience.  We want you to be inspired, to learn something new and to make meaningful connections with other exceptional women.

Are you almost ready? For something bigger and better? Let us entice you with a fun, inspiring and informative PowHERlunch - two hours of quality speakers, empowering messaging, table talk, live music and great food!

Ready for more? If you want to dig deep, leap forward and find a new support system of like-minded action-takers -- you are invited to an Accelerator: three days of workshops, PODs or small group "deep dives," a PowHERlunch, evening socials, open-ended discussions and real connections.

We offer live and virtual events in multiple cities across Western Canada. When you are ready for powerful and invigorating exponential clarity and growth, we will see you at a PowHERlunch and Accelerator near you!

Upcoming Events

April 10, 2019Board PowHER Breakfast + Panel

April 16-17, 2019 |  2019 Leadership Conference for Women in Energy – Canada in Toronto ON

September 25-27, 2019 Western Canadian Leadership Accelerator, Regina

December 2019 |  Peace, Partnerships + Pure Potential in Puerto Morelos - Destination Retreat for Women WE Celebrate PowHERhouse Partners

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Recent Events

2018 Events

FebruaryFebruary 7 Regina PowHERlunch - SOLD OUT

March 17 & 18 |  Victoria Women's Expo; PowHERtalkers announced!

April 11-15WOMENBUILT2SCALE | PowHERhouse Calgary Accelerator Series - 5 Days of Immersive Growth & Impact to supercharge your path and purpose as a powHERful Canadian leader!  [COMPLETE]

An opportunity for female leaders and decision-makers from corporate, business, entrepreneurship, social impact and community development to convene over five days focused on immersive growth and impact delivered in bite-sized pieces that build one upon another.  The series can be attended as an all-inclusive package (all five days) or per event (ala cart) to best meet the needs of the participants.

June 11PowHERtalks Saskatoon |  Presentation Celebration, Edwards School of Business Cohort Finale, LB Distillers - details tba

June 15 | Vancouver PowHERlunch - Pre-Summer Garden Party: Hycroft University Women's Club

June 20|  Victoria PowHERlunch - Pre-Summer PowHERlunch & Patio Networking Time, Brentwood Bay Resort & Spa

September 19 | Calgary PowHERlunch

September 26-30 | PowHERhouse Regina Accelerator Series - 3 Days of Immersive Growth & Impact to supercharge your path and purpose as a powHERful Canadian leader!

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Calgary Contingency

With each Canadian community we work with, PowHERhouse typically hosts an intimate, invitation-driven event for 75-100 female leaders as well as speaking and exhibiting in a larger women’s focused trade show with 5,000 – 10,000 participants over a weekend.  2018 virtual events and live-streaming event details yet to come.


Charlene, thank you for leading the Regina event last month!  I am still thinking about it and following up on new connections that I made because of the lunch and reception. I feel you have created a refreshing approach to this conversation about women in leadership; I especially appreciate the focus and integration on women leaders from all sectors - corporate, entrepreneurship, public sector, politics. I look forward to next year. - Linda Allen-Hardisty, Allen-Hardisty Consulting & Coaching

“I loved the Calgary PowHERlunch! Nothing could have been better!  - Shelley

"Very powerful room.  The speakers were great... It was really really good.  I loved it!" - Sherry

“You know what? I honestly can't identify with anything that didn't work!  So much good conversation.  Had to cut the conversations short.  Wish we'd had more time. It was outstanding; the speakers, everything!" - Nicole

"I had a great time.  Big groups can be intimidating, but I liked the small-group break rather than mingling if you are new to networking.  Lots of networking within small group. More focused than most; no one felt left out.  Lots of knowledge shared.  Loved questions beforehand so the agenda was excellent; effective and efficient." - Michelle

“Fantastic!  Food and content were great!  Amazing women speakers: all 3 of them!  I will definitely be a regular attendee to all of them in Regina!" - Cari 
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Nanaimo Preparatory Workshop & Practice Session Announced

By Charlene SanJenko | July 19, 2015

PowHERtalks Nanaimo Join us Saturday, September 12th 1-4 pm at The Network Hub in Nanaimo, 256 Wallace Street for an afternoon tips and strategies, practice…

PowHERtalks | Strong Women Speak Up

By Charlene SanJenko | June 23, 2015

According to a recent article in the Globe and Mail, female leadership isn’t strong in Canada. Why is that? At  PowHERhouse, we’re asking the question, and…

PowHERtalks Event Hosts Announced

By Charlene SanJenko | June 10, 2015

PowHERtalks Event Hosts Announced: PowHERtalks Event Hosts Announced: PowHERtalks is an upcoming speaker series which will take place in across Canada between October 2015 and May 2016.

PowHERtalks: Honorary Co-Chairs Announced

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: PowHERtalks Speaker Series: Honorary Co-Chairs Announced A Ted Talks-Style Event for Women focused on Lifestyle + Leadership, integrated PowHERhouse Performance Strategies proudly…

PowHERtalks Nanaimo Venue

By Charlene SanJenko | May 16, 2015

VICC, PowHERtalks Nanaimo Venue Partner and Sponsor

PowHERhouse is pleased to announce that VICC (Vancouver Island Conference Centre) has joined us as our PowHERtalks Nanaimo Venue Partner and a sponsor for our October 24th women’s lifestyle + leadership event.

PowHERtalks: a Ted Talks-style speaker series kicks off October 24th, 2015

By Charlene SanJenko | May 6, 2015

PowHERhouse proudly announces PowHERtalks, a Ted Talks-style speaker series for women. Kick-off event:  Nanaimo, October 24th Topics covering the spectrum of Lifestyle + Leadership 1,000 women…