by Charlene SanJenko, June 1, 2013

PowHERhouse Lifestyle + Leadership Events for women focuses on the quality of your experience.  We want you to be inspired, to learn something new and to make meaningful connections with other exceptional women.

Upcoming Events

NovemberVictoria PowHERhour Cocktail Reception - tickets still available!

2018 Events

February |  February 8 Regina PowHERlunch

February |  Regina 9-11 What Women Want Event Weekend - onstage & exhibiting

March |  March 17 & 18 Victoria Women's Expo - onstage & exhibiting

April |  PowHERhouse Calgary Accelerator Series - 5 Days of Immersive Growth & Impact to supercharge your path and purpose as a powHERful Canadian leader!

May |  Vancouver Spring PowHER-UP Event - Wellness Wisdom, Resiliency & Sustainability & Energy Management for leaders

June |  PowHERlunch Victoria - tbc

September | PowHERhouse Regina Accelerator Series - 5 Days of Immersive Growth & Impact to supercharge your path and purpose as a powHERful Canadian leader!

October | Calgary PowHERlunch

October |  The Calgary Woman's Show

November | Eastern Canada

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With each Canadian community we work with, PowHERhouse typically hosts an intimate, invitation-driven event for 75-100 female leaders as well as speaking and exhibiting in a larger women’s focused trade show with 5,000 – 10,000 participants over a weekend.  2018 virtual events and live-streaming event details yet to come.


“I loved the Calgary PowHERlunch! Nothing could have been better!  - Shelley

"Very powerful room.  The speakers were great... It was really really good.  I loved it!" - Sherry

“You know what? I honestly can't identify with anything that didn't work!  So much good conversation.  Had to cut the conversations short.  Wish we'd had more time. I t was outstanding; the speakers, everything!" - Nicole

"I had a great time.  Big groups can be intimidating, but I liked the small-group break rather than mingling if you are new to networking.  Lots of networking within small group. More focused than most; no one felt left out.  Lots of knowledge shared.  Loved questions beforehand so the agenda was excellent; effective and efficient." - Michelle

“Fantastic!  Food and content were great!  Amazing women speakers: all 3 of them!  I will definitely be a regular attendee to all of them in Regina!" - Cari 
Read more PowHERtalks testimonials here.

November 23 PowHERhour | Meet Singer-Songwriter Sandy Powlik, Lola Parks

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PowHERhour November 23 | Robin Farrell’s Personal Invite

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  PowHERhouse Media is pleased to announce Robin Farrell, our emcee for the November 23rd PowHERhour Cocktail Reception at the Robert Bateman Centre. Robin joins … Continue reading

Suzanne Gatrell | Victoria Hospitality Partner & Hotel Management PowHERhouse

By Charlene SanJenko | November 7, 2017

PowHERhouse Media is pleased to announce Victoria Hospitality Partner, Suzanne Gatrell and her exceptional team at The Oswego hotel in Victoria, BC. Meet Suzanne Gatrell, President … Continue reading

PowHERtalks @ The National Women’s Show in Toronto

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CALLING ALL EPIC YYZ WOMEN! PowHERhouse Media Group takes the stage at The Nation Women’s Show in Toronto to call out all #YYZ PowHERhouses with … Continue reading

November 23 PowHERhour Reception | Announcing Executive Private Chef Shirley Lang of Kitchens of Distinction Culinary Arts Ltd.

By Charlene SanJenko | November 4, 2017

We are pleased to welcome multi award-winning Vancouver Island Executive Private Chef Shirley Lang of Kitchens of Distinction Culinary Arts Ltd. to play a key … Continue reading

Victoria PowHERhour Reception Nov 23, 2017

By Wendi Rottluff | October 28, 2017

Join us for our final local event of 2017 on Thursday, November 23rd in Victoria, BC – only 75 tickets available! Our PowHERhour Cocktail Reception … Continue reading

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