“When we let go of trying to get more of what we don’t really need, we free up an enormous amount of energy that has been tied up in the chase.  We can refocus and reallocate that energy and attention toward appreciating what we already have, what’s already there, and making a difference with that.  Not just noticing it, but making a difference with what we already have.  When you make a difference with what you have, it expands,”  Lynne Twist, The Soul of Money.

Our biggest hunt is for energy.  We strive to have ‘enough’ energy.  Afterall, it is our life force.

Many times we do things or buy things in hopes that will create more positive energy (happiness, joy, excitement) in our lives.  Sometimes it does, and sometimes it doesn’t.  But typically it’s temporary, fleeting and soon needs to be replaced so we repeat the cycle:  Buy more, do more.

What if I told you there was a sure way to increase your energy and continue to increase and sustain it?  And along with that, your fulfillment, contentment, happiness.

Well, there is.  Re-read Lynne Twist’s quote.  It’s all there.  Make a decision to stop the chase.  Make a decision to make a difference. 

Repeat after me:  “I have enough.  I am enough.  I will make a difference.”

🙂  csj

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