As a private sector company leader, and within my volunteer capacity as President of the Collaborative Professionals of Saskatchewan, we decided on March 14, 2020 that Virtual is our New Reality. Since then, all professional and client interactions have occurred online via zoom.

It’s time to step up to SHUT IT DOWN!  

As we distance to solve global crisis, we unite to improve the drastic changes it brings to our economy, human behaviour and mental health.  

It is our responsibility to keep vulnerable people healthy. 

We own the ability to change the course of COVID-19 with our actions. We are not powerless. We have choices to make. 

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After reviewing what has occurred in 150 countries and 6 weeks of data, I am confident that we need the highest degree of social isolation. Please, listen to Bill Gates. We need to implement and respect a serious shut down. COVID-19 will grow exponentially - 33% per day according to his research.

We have a moral duty to stay home, but we are not taking this situation seriously enough. 

Countries who uniformly undertake a complete shutdown will be able to avoid a catastrophe.

Canada, we need to lead. We will be able to avoid large numbers of deaths and a prolonged shut down if we stay home. 

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Federal Government - #MakeitLaw 


Kayla C. DeMars-Krentz is a practicing lawyer and mediator with a background in counselling and psychology, She is dedicated to providing dispute resolution services for her clients, specializing in the areas of collaborative law, mediation, parent coordination, and online conflict resolution. 

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