Day 7: RISE | 2019 PowHERcircle Challenge

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Day 7 Theme:  RISE

Question for today:

What does the elevated experience of your existence entail?

Today's Action Statement:

Today I chose to RISE, READY to  be ALL of Who I already AM.

I remember my own TRUE GREATNESS.  I raise my standards.

I commit to lead my life at its fullest potential.


Intended Result:

What got us here may not be what takes us there.  Today I will review the areas of my life - physical, emotional and spiritual - that are currently calling for my attention.  By committing to raise my standards in each of these areas, I will enjoy an elevated experience of my existence in 2019.


Embracing an elevated experience of life and all that it could be in 2019 is not only a privilege, it is our right and our responsibility.

Our current reality is this:  The world needs us.  It needs all of us, operating at our highest potential for our greatest good.

You are being called to RISE UP!  There's no doubt about it.

We ARE the leaders we have been waiting for. 

As you raise your standards, you indicate that you are READY TO RISE!


PowHERtool #7:  The Rungs

In your PowHERcircle Journal, complete your RUNGS diagram.  Have fun with it.  Use colour, design, drawings.

Share your diagram in the PowHERcircle (FB Group)! Be inspired by others and their creativity as they visually describe what areas of their life they are ready to raise their standards on.

[If you haven't joined the Challenge yet, you can do so here.]

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