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Question for today: HOW do we access the greatest amount of our potential? Period.

Today's Action Statement:  Connect to Access Big Potential.

Watch my video below for my thoughts on Big Potential and what we can powHERfully accomplish - together - with ease and efficiency with an inter-connected infrastructure, eco-system and foundation to support our impact, both individually and collectively.

Intended Result:

Excerpt from BIG POTENTIAL by Shawn Achor

We have long thought about potential as being a set of individual traits: your creativity, your skills your intelligence.

But thanks to exciting new research combining neuroscience and psychology with Big Data, we now know that our potential is not limited by what we alone can achieve. Instead, it is determined by how we complement, contribute to, and benefit from the abilities and achievements of people around us.


Why is this important?

When we – as individuals, leaders, and parents – chase only individual achievement, we leave vast sources of potential untapped. But once we put “others” back into the equation, and work to make others better, we ignite a Virtuous Cycle of cascading successes that amplify our own.

Day #7 Saturday, January 18 CONNECTIVITY DELIVERS | Big Potential! with Kelly Beattie. (replay below)

PowHERtool #7:  CONNECTIVITY DELIVERS: Big Potential!

In your PowHERcircle Journal, complete the CONNECTIVITY DELIVERS | Big Potential! PowHERtool. What might our impact be if we intentionally up-leveled the inter-connectedness within a framework, ecosystem and foundation - of the way in which we work, live and lead, together?

Share a video or post in the PowHERcircle Facebook Group! Be fuelled by others and their ideas and curiosity around elevating our Big Potential for world-class impact.

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