Day 6: RELISH | 2019 PowHERcircle Challenge

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Day 6 Theme:  RELISH

Question for today:

What brings me pleasurable appreciation?

Today's Action Statement:

Today I will acknowledge what it is that brings me deeply satisfying and pleasurable appreciation.  I'll allow myself to savour the moments that bring fulfillment to my soul.


Intended Result:

Fire up your appreciation activator.  Appreciation brings more of what you want into your life!  Use your senses (see, touch, smell, taste and feel) to feel what fulfills you.


We've all heard, 'Where your focus goes, energy flows.'

Yet how many of us truly take it to heart?  'I want more of this, now!'

Turn up your appreciation activator. 

Relish each moment as you clearly and confidently create what's next.


PowHERtool #6:  The Focus + The Flow

Watch the 2-minute video below.  Without overthinking it, what do you most RELISH in your life and are ready to create more of next?  Be specific.

Share thoughts (a video or journalling) on The Focus + The Flow in the PowHERcircle (FB Group)! Be inspired by others and their honesty around what brings them deep fulfillment and what they are ready to create more of next.


[If you haven't joined the Challenge yet, you can do so here.]

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