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Day 6 Theme: REALIZE RECIPROCITY for Exponential Impact

Question for today:

Imagine the exponential potential of up-leveled reciprocity if we could shift our experience of it to fully realize its leveraging capacity for impact.

Today's Action Statement: We are stronger, together!

"Reciprocity is a deep instinct; it is the basic currency of social life." ~ Jonathan Haidt


Watch my video below for my thoughts on reciprocity and how we are merely scratching the surface of the impact possible with powerful partnerships, curious collaboration, and the full leveraging capacity of up-leveled reciprocity.

Intended Result:

It's time to ditch 'The Other'.

We are One.

As we embrace this concept - this truth - our experience of collective mobilization will fully activate to optimally accelerate.

Just as the body has different body parts each with a unique purpose and function, so do we as a collective have different gifts and passions that take form as individual businesses and social initiatives.

However, just as the body works together in unison to sustain and excel in life, so must we, as Sisters, fully embrace ALL of who WE are - together.

The result? Enjoyment with ease of ultimate success, strength and impact from our ability to up-level our understanding, experience, and action with true collaboration, connection and reciprocity.

Why is this important?

The challenges currently facing Canadian women (and women around the globe) and their families cannot be solved in silos.

Day #6 Thursday, Oct 4 REALIZING RECIPROCITY with Jay-Ann Gilfoy

This was the conversation that took place during the last live PowHERcircle Challenge - The current challenge does not have a live component.

PowHERtool #6:  REALIZING RECIPROCITY for Exponential Impact

In your PowHERcircle Journal, complete the REALIZING RECIPROCITY PowHERtool. If we up-leveled our experience with reciprocity, what might be the impact? #10MORE


Be fuelled by others and their re-commitment to EXPECT MAGIC and PROPEL POSSIBILITY by first speaking to it and inviting it in this quarter.

This challenge does not have a live component at this time but we welcome you to join us in our PowHERcircle Facebook Group to connect with fellow leaders and view past dialogue.

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