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Day 5 Theme: ACTIVATE STRENGTH | Resistance & Resilience

Question for today:

If we rethink our relationship with chaos, how might we lead our lives differently - more boldly and bravely?

Today's Action Statement:

Embrace the chaos!

“Strong people alone know how to organize their suffering so as to bear only the most necessary pain.”

~ Emil Dorian


Watch my video below for my thoughts on dancing with consequential chaos to embrace resistance and resilience, building strength to surpass what we previously believed was possible.

Intended Result:

  • Set a goal. Commit to it. Find a way to make it happen.

  • Expect and embrace consequential chaos. Dance with it. Don't let fear take over.

Words of wisdom from Angelique Meyer, our PowHERcircle Guest Co-Facilitator, Day 5:
"There is a balance between taking action by assuming complete control, and managing the consequences of all the things you didn't anticipate in doing so.
Take this a step further: Taking action results in consequences; some anticipated; others not."

Why is this important?

"How we manage and maneuver consequences is where real leaders show up to embrace the chaos!

Knowing what you want and going after it, then staying flexible as reality unfolds."

Day #5 Thursday, Oct 3 ACTIVATE STRENGTH with Angelique Meyer

This was the conversation that took place during the last live PowHERcircle Challenge - The current challenge does not have a live component.

PowHERtool #5:  ACTIVATE STRENGTH | Resistance + Resilience

In your PowHERcircle Journal, complete the ACTIVATE STRENGTH | Resistance + Resilience PowHERtool.  If we rethink our relationship with consequential chaos, how might we lead our lives differently, more boldly and bravely?


Be fuelled by others and their re-commitment to EXPECT MAGIC and PROPEL POSSIBILITY by first speaking to it and inviting it in this quarter.

This challenge does not have a live component at this time but we welcome you to join us in our PowHERcircle Facebook Group to connect with fellow leaders and view past dialogue.

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