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Day 4:  CONNECTIVITY PROMPTS |  Listening to Get Ready

Question for today: Who are you listening for this year and why?

Today's Action Statement: Deeper listening prompts intentional daily devotion.

“Listen with curiosity. Speak with honesty. Act with integrity..." ~ Roy T. Bennett


Watch my video below for my thoughts on deeper listening, life as an observer, and practicing intentional daily devotion.

Intended Result:

We are receiving signs, signals and messages all the time. We just need to adjust our antennae, open up to observe them, and allow our intuition to guide our daily devotion.

Words of wisdom from Tina O. Tina is a story coach and leads a ministry of story. She is a deeply valued PowHERhouse Partner.

In times of great transition such as now, the story of who we are made to be is called up. Leaders emerge and unparalleled action is taken, and it is often a more subtle process than we imagine. At the top of a new year, we're thinking: What now? What next? How do I want this year to play out? As you answer these questions, what I want you to consider is: who have you always been? What are you made for? What is the story of you that is waiting for you to step into it? 

As leaders in our own story, we are made AS something FOR something. If you are reading this, it's because somewhere inside you, you already know it. If you're at the beginning of this process or are refining your next steps, remember that discerning and following and stepping up is a practice of listening so as to lead. Your clues to guide you are always there, just waiting for you to hear them. At the top of this year, I call you to remember who you already are and be even more of HER. Take some time to put some words to your gut feelings, and then follow them because beneath what you feel, is what you know. Then act. The world needs us to be who we came into the world to be. It needs our innate wisdom, and our action with it. It's time for deep listening, to follow the clues to what you're here to do this year. 

Day #4 Wednesday, January 15 CONNECTIVITY PROMPTS, with Tina O  (replay below)

PowHERtool #4:  CONNECTIVITY PROMPTS |  Listening to Get Ready

In your PowHERcircle Journal, complete the CONNECTIVITY PROMPTS | Listening to Get Ready PowHERtool.  What if we listened and observed more intentionally with greater curiosity? How might the messages we received what we do next and who we are in the world?

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