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Day 3:  CONNECTIVITY REMINDS | Giving Hope - MORE You!

Question for today:

What if by stepping into a deeper, richer, fuller version of ourselves, we give others permission to do the same?

Today's Action Statement:  Be more you!

"Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken." ~ Oscar Wilde

Watch my video below for my thoughts on amp-ing up our external expression of ourselves to match who we are on the inside.

Intended Result:

What if being MORE You, giving MORE You, living MORE You has nothing to do with you?

What if it is our personal responsibility?

As we live more fully into all of who we are, we model to others, providing a shining example of living the fullest expression of all of who we are here to be!

Words of wisdom from Kathy McCrum, our PowHERcircle Day 3 guest:

"I will continue to instill the “More You” in my daughter, who will have endless opportunity to shine wherever she wants to shine because of the pathways I have been able to help clear for HER. I will never make my son feel inadequate as we push this agenda and will ensure he is confident and knows how to support and mobilize as a leader.

Bringing “More You” to your leadership encourages us to stop worrying so much about the traditional norms and whether we are swimming with the current. We will not be remembered for what we didn’t say; like Wayne Gretzky's famous advice, “You will miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

So many of us get stuck in our own heads and convince ourselves not to speak up. Fear gets us nowhere. I want to encourage other leaders to bring “More You” to everything! People figure out ‘phony’. They know it doesn’t feel right. Let’s stop worrying so much about how a message may be perceived and trust our gut. My gut is rarely wrong, and I have learned to trust it more and more throughout my leadership journey both as a parent as well as an organizational leader.  It truly has become my primary compass.

In general, leaders take themselves too seriously. In doing so, our creativity risks get squashed, and we snub out the potential that true connection and rich relationships play in the success of our people.

I have an ability to lighten the room and have been told I need to keep doing it. I love laughter both in life and in business. As a Creativity Cultivator, it’s important to me to also create space for others to lighten up and bring More You into our working environments."

Day #3 CONNECTIVITY Reminds | Giving Hope - MORE You! with Kathy McCrum (replay below)

PowHERtool #3:  MORE You! | Our Personal Responsibility

In your PowHERcircle Journal, complete the MORE You! | Personal Responsibility PowHERtool.  Take a moment to pause and consider how you are looking to Give Hope by exemplifying MORE You! at this time. Answer the questions not only from your head, but also your heart - and your gut.

Share a video or post in the PowHERcircle Facebook Group! Be fuelled by others and their CRUSH IT! commitment by clarifying and communicating it for this quarter.

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