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Day 2:  CONNECTIVITY SHIFTS | The Gratitude Gap

Question for today:

What does being in a peak state mean to you?

Today's Action Statement: Today I will meet my body where it's at as if it were (and is!) my very best friend.

"Your body is your temple. Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in." ~ B.K.S. Iyengar

Watch my video below for my thoughts on developing a new friendship with your body, perhaps for the very first time.

Intended Result:

Today we are introducing YOUR HEALTH PLAN for 2020! Like anything else that we put our focus on in a positive and proactive way, it becomes stronger.

    • How do you want to feel by the end of this quarter?
    • Get clear - really clear - on your #1 holistic health priority on a quarterly basis and determine how to best go after it.
    • Set a clear and measurable goal so you know when you'll get there and a way to celebrate that excites you.
    • Develop a simple, doable game-plan to get you for here to there.
    • Your top focus is being friends with your body and treating it with the respect it deserves on a consistent basis.

Not sure 'what' to do to move forward with your goal?  LISTEN. Listen to your body. It will honestly tell you.

Get curious. Ask your body what it needs. And then, LISTEN. Really listen to your body. It is waiting to talk to you.

Shut off the distractions and simply listen as you would to your very best friend.

Why is this important?

We only have one vehicle to get us through this lifetime. Your body is your temple.

By reconnecting with your body with a state of daily gratitude, you can shift your perspective regarding how to best take care of it for the long-term.

Energy. Strength. Mobility. Flexibility. Pain-free. Wouldn't it be great to ensure these are all available to us as we age with ease and grace?

Make this your priority.

Fitness and self-care can no longer be negotiable. Caring for our body is a non-negotiable daily devotion, not a 'nice-to-have' luxury or optional add-on that we undertake if and when we have time or when our body communicates loudly enough.

Caring for your body - your temple - must be at the CORE of the leader you are.

Everything - EVERYTHING else - radiates out from there.

This is intentional, fully integrated, WHOLE leadership. It begins with you - all of you.

More healed heroes. Less wounded and broken leaders. It begins with you - all of you.


Day #2, Monday, January 13, CONNECTIVITY SHIFTS, with Christina Benty (replay below)

PowHERtool #2:  CONNECTIVITY SHIFTS | The Gratitude Gap

In your PowHERcircle Journal, complete the CONNECTIVITY SHIFTS | The Gratitude Gap PowHERtool. Write a letter to your from your body. Dear Charlene, This is what I would have you know at this time. Here is what I need. Thank you for hearing me... Set a timer for 8 minutes with no stopping or editing. LISTEN. Really listen.

Share a portion of your letter - the most poignant part - if you feel comfortable doing so in the PowHERcircle Facebook Group! Be fuelled by others and their gratitude for and communication with their bodies.

[If you haven't joined the Challenge yet, you can do so here.]

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