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Day 1 Theme:  EXPECT MAGIC |  Articulate Possibility

Question for today:

What is the conversation you are ready for today and with whom?

Today's Action Statement:  Speak it to lead it!

"Not every conversation will change the trajectory of your world or the world around you, but any conversation holds that possibility."

Watch my video below for my thoughts on inviting and accessing possibility by articulating the possibility you are ready for next.

Intended Result:

Sit with all that is possible. Imagine more, bigger, bolder, braver. Imagine haressing collective power to change your world and the world around you. What specifically would that look like? What do you see?

Propelled by the collective power, wisdom, support, connections and momentum of this Circle of like-minded leaders around you, feel the energy-with-ease, excitement and positive anticipation.

It's all there ready to unfold, tap into and come fully and fiery ALIVE with fruition. But first, it must be invited. Speak it to lead it.


Make no mistake, our first leader development program, SPEAK Canada!, focuses on bringing more awareness and adeptness to how we verbally communicate.

Why is this important?

Some mistake SPEAK! Canada for a public speakers prep course - which it certainly can be - but that would be limiting.

ARTICULATING POSSIBILITY is the first important step of THE LEADER PATH, speaking into the world what we are deeply committed to and ready for next.

Leaders leverage the collective power of like-minded leaders that transpires when they gather. A circle of power ("PowHERcircle") where energy flows from one leader to the next, harnessing collective potential, unifying gaps and stopping leaks.

The PowHERcircle propels possibility and LIFTS all who are part of it to a higher state of living, learning and leading. That begins by articulating what that looks and feels like to you.

Day #1 Conversation - EXPECT MAGIC, with guest Kathryn Pollack

This was the conversation that took place during the last live PowHERcircle Challenge - The current challenge does not have a live component.

PowHERtool #1:  EXPECT MAGIC |  Articulate Possibility

In your PowHERcircle Journal, complete the EXPECT MAGIC | Articulate Possibility PowHERtool.  Take a moment to pause and go deeper - go bigger, bolder, braver!  Answer the questions not only from your head but also your heart - and your gut.

If you could harness the collective power and wisdom of this group what might be possible in the next 90 days? Go there.


Be fuelled by others and their re-commitment to EXPECT MAGIC and PROPEL POSSIBILITY by first speaking to it and inviting it in this quarter.

This challenge does not have a live component at this time but we welcome you to join us in our PowHERcircle Facebook Group to connect with fellow leaders and view past dialogue.

[If you haven't joined the Challenge yet, you can do so here.]

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