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Day 1:  CONNECTIVITY EXPANDS |  Our Greatness Grid

Question for today:

Who are the three people you most need to surround yourself with in 2020 to expand your greatness grid?

Today's Action Statement:  Find your stickiness!

"You can't achieve anything entirely by yourself. There's a support system that is a basic requirement of human existence. To be happy and successful on earth, you just have to have people that you rely on." ~ Michael Schur

Watch my video below for my thoughts on the value of quarterly PowHERcircles as well as expanding our greatness grid by ongoing PODS for accountability, action and support.

Intended Result:

A grid is a distribution system or framework that conducts and supports (electrical) current, controlling the flow where it is most needed over a large area.

Similarly, our greatness grid is also a distribution system or framework that conducts and supports our energy - in the form of giving and receiving of gifts, talents and opportunities - where it is most needed over a large area.

Our greatness grid is expandable. We tap into it to come fully alive with fiery possibility, and we link our grid to others to exponentially expand the potential of our collective impact. 


Each PowHERcircle propels possibility and LIFTS all who are part of it to a higher state of living, learning and leading. This begins by articulating what that looks and feels like to you.

As we push into the external edges of possibility with our individual grids, we become acutely aware of our 'sticky' points where we attract to others for all to access and leverage MORE - MORE life, MORE potential, MORE depth, MORE impact, MORE US!

  • Surround yourself with the people you want to be MORE like.
  • Look around your community; who do you most admire? Who do you want to emulate? Find them, meet them, know them. Bring them into your grid.
  • This only works when you approach it from a giving place; you must approach people with the value add that you can bring them; not what can they do for you.
  • Vulnerability; once you have the grid, you need to be vulnerable.
  • How can they (your grid) help you, how can they support you? What do you need from them and by when? Know your specifics. Ask for what you need.
  • Practice Reciprocity: How can you/do you help those in your grid? Lead from there, always.

This is the collective power that is available to us to expand our greatness grid. A circle of power ("PowHERcircle") where energy flows from one leader to the next, harnessing collective potential, unifying gaps and stopping leaks.

Day #1 Conversation, Sunday, January 12 EXPANDING THE GREATNESS GRID, with Kathryn Pollack (replay below)

PowHERtool #1:  CONNECTIVITY EXPANDS |  Our Greatness Grid

In your PowHERcircle Journal, complete the CONNECTIVITY EXPANDS | Our Greatness Grid PowHERtool.  

Visualize your Grid expanding over the coming months and what that ultimate experience feels like. 

Post your Grid in the PowHERcircle Facebook Group! Be fuelled by others and their commitment to GREATNESS accessed by CONNECTIVITY!

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