DASSAULT SYSTEMES | Powering Up Our People!

Powering Up Our People!

What a pleasure it was for PowHERhouse to spend the afternoon with an amazing group of leaders at Dassault Systemes, Vancouver, to help them kick-off their Women Initiative locally.

Our workshop created strategic time and space for women to connect deeper with themselves and each other as we explored 'What's Next' in terms of tangible leadership priorities and The Leader Path for 2020.

  • What are you ready for in 2020?
  • What does #10%MORE look like?
  • What is your top 2019 WIN - celebrating our success and recognizing others!

Talk about it to cultivate it.

DASSAULT Group photo

Charlene did a wonderful job in helping kick-start our Women Initiative journey. 

Through self-discovery and sharing, the team connected in a stronger and more personal way. We learned what Leadership meant to each of us and what we could do to turn it up. 

Charlene took the time to completely understand our needs. All the activities were meaningful and she fully delivered on the value and purpose.

Teena MOLA

DS4 People - HR Business Partner, NAM GEOVIA, Industries and IT


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