Dana Bass Solomon, Hollyhock | PowHERful Living Explored Accessible Media Series

by Charlene SanJenko, April 14, 2017

It is our pleasure to welcome Dana Bass Solomon to our PowHERful Living Explored accessible media series.

Dana is the CEO at Hollyhock, Canada’s Leadership Learning Centre on Cortes Island.

Enjoy our conversation as we bring Dana up close and personal to deepen our connection and learning with this truly inspiration leader!

Dana’s PowHERhouse Portrait feature interview is available here.

The PowHERful Living Explored accessible media series delivers Canada’s female leaders up-close and personal.
PowHERhouse is dedicated to building strong women who lead, and featuring positive Canadian role models making an impact in sport, business, the arts and community leadership is a top priority to achieving our mission.
PowHERhouse Portrait lifestyle + leadership feature interviews allow us to introduce a leader who is making an impact, to bring awareness to her vision and mission, and share key pieces of her story and her WHY.  Our accessible media series brings leaders closer to home and makes them accessible for follow-up conversations where questions are answered, interaction and learning is deepened, and 2-way conversation enjoyed!

Charlene SanJenko

Charlene SanJenko is the Founder and CEO of PowHERhouse, a social impact organization utilizing a multi-media platform to build strong women.

A vibrant entrepreneur who embodies lifestyle + leadership, Charlene finds her greatest joy bringing together powHERful women ready to make an impact and change the world, powHERfully – one woman, one family and one community at a time.

“We recognize that the change our world needs is us, and we’re stepping up, speaking up and showing up to take action, together. We recognize the importance of integrating lifestyle + leadership. PowHERful women require strength, energy, confidence and connections to realize and sustain their dreams.”

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