Crispy Summer Stir-Fry on Seaweed Noodles

Short on time with an ample load of fresh veggies that need to be used?  We’ve got you covered with our Crispy Summer Stir-Fry.  Lean-eating on seaweed noodles.

Ready in 15 – 20 minutes

Serves 2

2 large boneless, skinless chicken breasts cut in 1″ chunks

1 pkg Seasnax Wakame Seaweed Noodles (ready to serve, no cooking required)

1 handful snow peas

1 medium carrot

2 handfuls green beans

1 red onion

1 cup radish or bean sprouts – optional

6 mushrooms

1 tbsp. sesame oil

1/2 tbsp. chopped ginger

1+ tbsp (to taste) Bragg’s liquid soy

1+ tbsp rice vinegar – optional

1+ tbsp sesame seeds

In a large wok, saute onion, ginger, 1/2 tbsp Bragg’s and chicken in sesame oil.  Remove.

Saute veggies, starting with carrots and green beans, then adding mushrooms and snow peas.

Add chicken and sprouts and mix thoroughly.  Season with 1/2 tbsp Bragg’s and rice vinegar (optional) and top with sesame seeds.  Serve over seaweed noodles lightly stir-fried in pan once you have removed your other ingredients.

As this is a Crispy Summer Stir-Fry, we encourage you to try various fresh local veggies.  Be careful not to overcook.  The idea is fresh, crisp and tasty.  Add fresh herbs if you like, and we encourage you to play with various flavours of Sunshine Coast Olive Oil to keep things interesting.  Sesame oil is just one option.  Don’t limit yourself!

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