Creating the Space To Be Great!

Greatness isn’t something you cram between lunch and dinner – or is it?

Who really has time to be great anyway?  None of us do. We make time.

If you are reading this article, you are a leader who cares. You yearn for greatness for yourself, your family, and your team. You are destined for it. You crave opportunity, and you are passionate about leaving a legacy and making an impact with your life.

“If our activities are lined up endlessly, we must race through them like an athlete running the hurdles in a track-and-field competition.  Jump, spring, jump, sprint, jump… In contrast, having time and space – even the smallest amount, as long as it is allotted consciously – around activities invites us to savour, absorb, and actually experience them. Pauses allow your spirit to catch up with your body.” ~ Sue Patton Thoele, the mindful woman

Do you sprint through your life in a blink or are you consciously building a legacy, relishing each step of the experience fully and completely alive? How do you create the space you need to be great when all of life’s demands and conflicting priorities are circling around you?


Daily:  10 minutes a day can re-align your focus on your goals. You don’t even have to come up with 10 minutes that you may not have – just use the time you do have wisely. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier, and before you bounce out of bed, review your goals, your weekly progress plan to move them forward, and a small step that you WILL take TODAY that is aligned with your plan.

Take a 10-minute walk to re-energize or use 10-minutes of folding laundry or putting dishes away to visualize your end game. You were born for greatness. Your life is BIG – not small – and that big impact needs strategic attention daily for a minimum of 10 minutes.

PowHERtool: Have you seen our daily High-5 Personal Leadership Tool? It was created for busy leaders just like you who are seeking greater ease and fulfillment in their lives. It’s simple and it’s free.  You’ll find it here:  Daily High 5 LEAD2LEAD PowHERtool 4

Weekly:  Coffee check-ins or Zoom dates with an accountability buddy or performance coach are invaluable even 20 or 30 minutes. Knowing that you are meeting up with someone live or virtually to check-in on where you’re at and what you’ve been working as well as your current emotional state holds us all accountable, provides a valuable sounding board, and pulls us back up to the Big Picture. Need to multi-task? Host a walking meeting.

Monthly:  Book 90 minutes once a month and give yourself a ‘time-out’. Do what you most need for that month. It may be a massage or a longer check-in or strategy session with your coach or mentor or perhaps it’s a much needed lunch-date with a positive friend. Your time-out is whatever you need to keep you recharged, fired up, positive and on track. Give yourself this 90-minute gift each month and plan for it (now!).

Annually:  Every winter my partner Ben and I retreat to Puerto Morelos, Mexico for our annual retreat. We’re not your typical tourists, we’re on a mission. Our retreat includes eating light, training often, yoga and walking on the beach, plenty of writing time and authentic conversation with positive friends. We do what we need to to strategically refocus, refuel and rebuild our energy, creativity and personal vibrancy for the coming year.


Greatness cannot be taken for granted. Give it space. Care for it. Allow it to be nurtured and explored to avoid burnout and expand your spirit to soar!

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