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Day 7 Theme: THE POWER OF CONSTELLATIONS: Harnessing Our Collective Potential

Question for today: HOW do we best harness the collective potential of our constellation?

Today's Action Statement:  Constellation:

  • A group or configuration of ideas, feelings, characteristics, objects, etc., that are related in some way;

  • Any brilliant, outstanding group or assemblage.

Watch my video below for my thoughts on the power of constellations and what we can powHERfully accomplish with ease and efficiency with a solid infrastructure, eco-system and foundation to support our impact, both individually and collectively.

Intended Result:

What got us here may not be what gets us there.

Are we ready to work together, differently?

As we explore the concept of collective mobilization of world-class leaders, let's consider for a moment the foundation that supports them.

What IS our foundation of support?

Let's get curious for a moment. Look around you. What are the best examples of a comprehensive and cohesive framework that makes 'good work' possible and easy?

One example that I use is the efficiency and effectiveness of national sports leagues like the NFL, CFL, or CHL. These national leagues include different divisions with teams in different countries and cities yet they all work together effectively (and yes competitively) towards a common goal.- their love for their sport!

What if how (women) leaders work together could elevate to this level. What might this look like?

My answer:  World-Class Impact!

Why is this important?

Our optimal potential will only be experienced when we learn to build strength, energy, cohesion and momentum with other like-minded leaders.

Day #7 Friday, Oct 5 CONSTELLATIONS with Christina Benty

This was the conversation that took place during the last live PowHERcircle Challenge - The current challenge does not have a live component.

PowHERtool #7:  THE POWER OF CONSTELLATIONS: Harnessing Our Potential

In your PowHERcircle Journal, complete the THE POWER OF CONSTELLATIONS PowHERtool. What might our impact be if we up-leveled the framework, ecosystem and foundation - the way in which we work together?

Be fuelled by others and their re-commitment to EXPECT MAGIC and PROPEL POSSIBILITY by first speaking to it and inviting it in this quarter.

This challenge does not have a live component at this time but we welcome you to join us in our PowHERcircle Facebook Group to connect with fellow leaders and view past dialogue.

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