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Leadership Insights by Wendy Turner-Larsen

There’s a new way emerging, a path that is calling leaders, men and women to be more, to lead from our core, with the power of the mind, and the wisdom of intuition. How can you become all of who you are and lead from this power and confidence?

What kind of courageous edge are you ready for?

Leadership is connection; connection to yourself, to the Divine within, and then connection to others. We talk a lot about leadership know how, strategies and competencies, but I want to explore WHY connection is the foundation of Leadership and the key to building a Higher Level of Courageous Leadership our society craves.

"Doing is never enough if you neglect being." ~ Eckhart Tolle

Where do we begin?

Tune in to transform.

☑  What is connection to Self and why is it important?

A connected leader starts with connection to herself, to her innate being. Many do not pay attention to their connection with themselves.

They focus on doing not being. What we need to understand is that outcomes, objectives, and observable behaviors are a result of who we are.

You become who you really are, by connecting with yourself and leveraging the power of your mind. Everything else rises from this place.

Connection to Self is seeing oneself fully and clearly, where you identify barriers and move through them. You can’t change what you can’t see.

THIS is part of getting to your Courageous Edge.

☑  What is connection to the Divine?

This is not talked about widely in Leadership circles. But I believe, if you want to lead in a new way and help create this new wave, it makes sense to access our spirit, our inner connection to the Divine.

You are a human being. When we access this inner place of spirit, we are accessing and igniting our deepest passions, our deepest purpose, our deepest intuition and deepest creative selves.

This is where we get our inspiration! Intersect this with the power of the mind, and you’re now leading from your core, your whole self with your FULL potential and the power to inspire that full potential in others to create this new wave, your Courageous Edge.

Which leads to connection to others.

Bringing Miracles into the Mainstream!

When you commit to inner work while connecting to your spirit within, you intersect the:

☑ Power of your mind, with the

☑ Wisdom of intuition, and the

☑ Possibility of the human spirit

to bring miracles into your work, your leadership through connection and courage with others. The possibilities of your connection to others when you live and lead from intuition and wisdom is endless!

With more well being and focus (connection to Self) you are able to live and lead from a higher place (connection with the Divine) and lead from your Courageous Edge.

Your goals and actions are inspired and passionate as you lead from your inner wisdom and intuition.

You strengthen your connection to others as you listen deeply and more mindfully. Trust deepens within your connections as you are lead from your core Self.

Your creativity soars as you access all of who you are!

“Your visions will become clear only when you look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” ~ Carl Jung 


Key Takeways:

  • Connection to Self requires many things. One powerful aspect is the power of the mind, accessing this, utilizing neuroscience to create breakthrough for yourself and create more possibility.
  • Connection to the Divine is accessing your intuition, your higher self, your human spirit to become all that you are and create possibility in your life and leadership.
  • Connection to Others pulls deeply from our connection to Self and the Divine, creating relationships that are real, vulnerable and powerful. This is the action of leadership. Connection to others through your Courageous Edge.

Wendy Turner-Larsen is an insightful Psychologist, Coach, Facilitator + Speaker who guides women to lead from their core where the power of the mind, the wisdom of intuition, and the possibility of the human spirit powerfully intersect to amplify impact.

Learn more about Wendy here.

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