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Hiring a coach seemed like a luxury to me.  I would tell myself it’s for those people who ‘can afford it’, who are ‘up to something really big or important’ or who really need that extra help ‘to get their life together’.  

For most of my life I ruled myself out of any of these categories and, to be honest, I think I did a lot of unnecessary suffering because of it.  It wasn’t until I hit rock bottom that I considered and admitted that getting some ‘professional help’ could make all the difference.

When I was in the process of rebuilding my life from ground zero, I realized that I wanted all the help that was available to ‘get it right’ this time.  You may say, “there’s no right or wrong”, and I often do too! 😉  But I have learned through experience that there are definitely wiser ways to go about things that yield more desirable and beneficial results.  I had heard that hiring a coach was one sure way to recreate myself and my life with clear intention and deliberate action.

Transformational Coach Shaeah Love | PowHERhouse

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My first experience with coaching was through a group-coaching program on-line.  This was a gentle, more affordable way to get my feet wet.  Wow, did it ever rock my world!  Within a few months I went from a feeling of dread and heaviness, having no motivation or sense of direction, to connecting with my vision for what was possible.  I reclaimed what was important to me, regained hope for a bright future that was aligned with my values and a deeper calling for a meaningful and consciously created life.

One of the great things about group coaching is hearing about other participants’ journeys and receiving inspiration and motivation from their successes, victories and similar goals and missions.  I was no longer alone in my hopes, desires and aspirations for myself and the planet, I had found my tribe of socially conscious, deeply caring and visionary people who also wanted to make a positive difference in the world.  It was life affirming, motivating and heart-warming.  By the end of the 3-month program I had my mission, my vision, my purpose and had made the decision to pursue my dream of becoming a coach myself.  I signed up for training to become a certified life coach.  Once certified, I hired a private coach to support me as I stepped into my new profession.

Then came the exciting journey of re-creating myself and putting myself out there in a new and different way.  There were big learning curves, clarifying my ‘ideal client’, creating my signature talk and programs and the biggest challenge of all, getting known and connected to the people I was meant to serve.  My coach was with me every step of the way, providing worksheets, exercises, resources, advice and encouragement.  She helped me navigate negative self-talk and self-doubt and access greater clarity and inspiration on how to move forward and keep going.

Transformational Coach Shaeah Love | PowHERhouse

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In my nine months of working with her, I went from having a desire to be a coach and public speaker to actually living my intention and fulfilling my purpose to be of service in this way. I created my own website, video blogs, booked speaking gigs, got clients and now I am merrily on my way, living my dream of being a Coach and a Public Speaker.

I by no means have everything figured out, nor am I living my ‘fullest potential’.  I still struggle with my gremlins of ‘self-doubt’, ‘unworthiness’, ‘avoidance’ and ‘procrastination’, as I’m sure many of you can relate to.  That’s why having a coach can be so helpful at any point in our lives.  I believe that there is no ‘arrival’ but that life is an ongoing journey of discovery, transformation, creation and recalibration.

It’s actually quite amazing for me to write this and reflect on how far I’ve come in a year and a half.  Being an Aries I tend to keep charging ahead, working toward the next biggest and greatest goals, sometimes getting frustrated or impatient that I haven’t achieved them yet.  It is very affirming to reflect on how far I’ve come and to remember the advice I often give my clients, “it’s about enjoying the journey and celebrating every victory along the way”.

‘Perspective’ is one of the biggest benefits of coaching.  Your coach helps you navigate the difficulties and challenges that life inevitably brings, supporting you to stay focused on your vision, your goals and the opportunities every step of your journey.  There are so many factors that can work against us; our history, beliefs, habits, other people’s opinions, distractions, avoidance patterns, fears, barriers, curve balls…the list goes on.  Your coach is someone who is on your side, an ally, a cheering squad, the good angel, a positive voice, an encouraging word, accountability and ultimately a friend.  Someone who believes that you can live the best life possible.   And most importantly, takes a stand for you living in full integrity and alignment with your inner most truth, your values, your soul’s calling and your deepest heart’s longings.  For it’s your life to live, may you live it to your fullest potential.

I’ll leave you with one of my favourite Mary Oliver quotes: “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Transformational Coach Shaeah Love | PowHERhouse

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If you want support fully stepping into your powHER and creating a life that lights you up from the inside, contact me to schedule your complimentary Heart-to-Heart Discovery Session!

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In loving service,
Shaeah Love
Transformational Coach & Inspirational Author/Speaker

PowHERhouse Magazine Editor Wendi had an opportunity to experience an introductory coaching session with Shaeah following PowHERtalks Vancouver:

You know the old saying that lightning doesn’t strike twice… well sometimes it does, sometimes even three times!  I certainly fell into the ‘I am not the life-coach type’, and I filled out my background questionnaire with a bit of trepidation…  How do I answer this?  Do I actually know how I feel about that?  I was determined to be honest, honest with Shaeah and honest with myself and just try to enjoy the process.  I expected it to be uncomfortable, but it wasn’t.  Shaeah guided me through a grounding exercise and encouraged me to explore some broad questions about what I am interested in, what I am passionate about, and what challenges or barriers to growth I was facing.  As I rambled, Shaeah asked gentle questions at key moments and reminded me to consider how I felt physically as we talked.  Three times during our hour, I felt a bolt of lightning, of awareness pass through me.  Each time, I was relating a decision or goal or idea that I had been bouncing around for a while, nothing new or particularly provocative, but things I had been wrestling with for some time.  Three times I felt this moment of clarity as I told Shaeah something that was important to me, now framed as a statement of fact, no longer a question.


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