PowHERhouse Regina Accelerator Partner: Christina Carlson, Queen City Collective

Christina Carlson is a Business Consultant and Managing Principal of Carlson Consulting Services.  She is also a proud PowHERhouse Venue Partner for our WOMEN BUILT2SCALE Accelerator Series, September 26-28, 2018.

Christina uses her expertise in facilitation and transitioning change to guide organizations through a constructive, actionable evolution towards their future stated goals. With over 9 years of project management, change management and management system experience, she is a vital asset to projects and organizations. Christina works diligently to ensure celebration, recognition and gratitude are built into organizational processes and successful outcomes of an organization.

The owner of Queen City Collective, a community co-working space that celebrates the pursuit of entrepreneurship through collaboration, creativity, and innovation, Christina welcomes Accelerator participants to two upcoming sessions hosted in her amazing space:

PODS:  Deep-Dives Thursday, September 27

Post-PowHERlunch on Wednesday, September 26th, we welcome you to join us for a targeted morning or lunch-hour small-group breakout session to encourage deeper connections, conversations and breakthroughs.  Think of it as a mini-mastermind, peer-mentoring, and your opportunity to talk through and work through where you’re at right now and what you need to move forward.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT + MINDSET WORKSHOP:  Friday afternoon, 1:30-4 pm, September 28

Vines That Bind Us | Vibes That Free Us  Do you feel like you want more energy and fulfillment in your life? Do you want more results and traction in your business? Are you struggling with clarity, focus and procrastination? This mindset + motivation workshop will help you to explore where you are in life and why. Leave with a plan and tools for overcoming vines, creating positive vibes and attracting who and what you are truly ready for next!



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