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Christin Mey (BA, MA, MSc) is on a mission to help you Build the Brain you WANT, translating scientific research into practical strategies for day-to-day life to help clients build concrete, game-changing new (neuro)pathways.

“Daring Greatly:  The courage to be vulnerable, to show up and be seen.  Practicing our values by choosing courage over comfort and what’s right (for us) over what’s easy.”

Brené Brown

After experiencing an inordinate amount of adversity in her life, Christin was compelled to explore these occurrences on a deeper level, a strategy that kept her sane whilst her circumstances were everything but that.  This turned into a full-blown love-affair with the research behind challenging experiences, how they shape the way we see the world, and whether we're stuck with what we have, or if we can change it?

She found answers in the small - but mighty - space between her ears: the brain.  And instead of learning how to cope, she explored how to thrive, turning this knowledge into practical concepts to teach and pass on. 

A former brand strategist for international advertising networks, marrying a powerful combination of communication strategy and adult education, Christin has shared her work in the world through the various vehicles of business development, self-efficacy and personal growth.

Her course offerings help you to Build the Brain you WANT, focusing on turning contemporary (neuro-)scientific research into implementation, action and fulfillment by impacting everyday decision-making. 

Christin's unique differentiators are:

  • Her ability to tap into strategies used in advertising to explain how behavioural change works and apply it to personal development.
  • Having lived, studied and worked in 7 different countries, Christin developed a global-mind set and loves to share her ideas on how to thrive in our ever-changing environment.
  • Her “Follow The Fun” teaching techniques don’t only aim to make the complex stuff simple and the heavy things a little lighter, they also target an area in the brain that’s responsible for information retention in the long-term memory.

Three programs that Christin would love to share with you. 

  • Sustainable Habit Change & Positive Mental Strategies
    -> flipping (neuro-)marketing knowledge onto its backside, turning it into practical tools to mentally thrive.

This content is right for anyone wanting to understand the inner workings of the brain and use this knowledge to alter behaviour and thinking patterns.

  • Embracing Imperfection & (No More) Addictive Anxieties
    -> research-based, hands-on strategies on how to combat fear, limiting beliefs and mental barriers.

This content is right for anyone with the desire to take-off the straightjacket of perfectionism  & constant worrying  to get more things done, while being more creative and innovative.

  • Wisdom From the Distance
    -> leveraging insights gained from (near-) fatal incidents and the resulting clarity to explore how to live purposefully.

This content is right for anyone seeking a crystal clear focus for their lives and the intentions – big and small - they have with it. 

Please connect with Christin to discuss further.

"I have gotten to know Christin as an impeccable strategist, an empathetic and structured team leader and as an incredibly engaging educator.  

Whichever hat she was wearing at the time, I consistently perceived her as a fair player exhibiting tremendous leadership skills.  I continue to be impressed by the emphasis she put on developing and coaching her own team as well as other staff members, creating an environment for learning within the agency whilst maintaining high levels of energy and expanding team spirit.“

Nina Schneider, Human Resources Manager, Integer (Omnicom Group), Hamburg, Germany

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